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Black diamond skis?

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I was just wondering whether anyone has tried any of the current Black Diamond skis... I've been looking around but can't find many reviews of them as they're not exactly common. I would mount downhill bindings on them, or perhaps the new Marker Dukes for AT ability (yes, I know noone here likes markers).

I'm looking for an all-mountainish ski with a bias towards off piste skiing (perhaps a midfat) but it has to have some grip on ice... So I'd probably be looking more at Havocs or Ethics. I'm looking at Elan too as I can also get them cheap.

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Take that question over to TGR's Tech Talk forum - lots of BD users there. But do a search there up front since it has already likely being covered.
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The best thing about BD skis in general is their light weight. I've never skied on a pair, but know a bunch of people that own them. If you're looking for a ski to be primarily a resort ski, with maybe 30% or less of your time touring, there are better options. Especially since the dukes are already not that light of a binding, you might as well get something that skis really well in bounds.

Since you said midfat that has some grip on ice, I'd suggest AK rocket swallowtails. They actually carve pretty well IMVHO. Its what I'll be using as my AT setup this year.
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BD skis are going to be new for 07/08 - are those the ones you mean?

The Kilowatt's been out since mid-season of 06/07. The line will now feature wood cores as well as specialized skis for women and light-is-right folks.

And here's a nice review - scroll down to EricO's post. It's all freeheel oriented, nut you can usually take his reviews to the bank. He makes the Verdict sound pretty interesting:
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I've heard fantastic things about the new, wood-core line. Lou Dawson has reviewed them well, and I hear that the Couloir tests were eye-opening.

And btw, even the most fervent Marker-bashers have been willing to give the Duke and Jester their due.
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So the kilowatt is now narrower than the verdict? Weird.
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Oh yeah just noticed that i've actually got the old catalogue and their main website hasn't been updated yet, cheers for the heads-up.

I'm restricted to certain brands and think I've got it narrowed down to Elan or possibly BD.

still keen to hear from anyone else who knows more bout them. the idea of touring is more of a nice thought at the moment rather than something i'll be doing in a huge hurry, most of my offpiste skiing would still be lift-served for the time being. There is some decent access to offpiste terrain at ruapehu though, so yeah i'd be spending as much time as conditions (not *that* often) allow me to spend off the groomers. So really i'm wondering how the black diamonds compare with more mainstream skis as a lift-served all-mountain ski that can handle hardpack and thicker stuff.

cheers fellas. I'll check out those other links
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Just thought i would bump up an old thread for more info
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