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Summer of discontent

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Who would have thought The Onion would go so light on Barry. It has not been a good summer for sports.

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gonna go away someday

if a-rod stays healthy, he'll pass bonds. he's 32(?), sitting on 500. he's not losing anything; in fact, quite the contrary. he'll get to 800. and there's also the option for him to "just" dh, a considerable factor as one ages.
and that he'll do it in a sox uniform is all the schweeter.

ryan howard is gonna hit a ton, too. prince fielder is another youngster making power look easy, too, though it's far too early to make assumptions about longevity and year-after-year productivity.
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Is this a thread of general discontent?

If so, I'd like to mope a bit about the tigers loss last night.
Let me rephrase:
I'd like to sob like a baby about the Butt Kicking the Tigers got last night.
Does anyone feel my discontent?
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The Babe ..... beer and hot dogs.

Barry who? A hero only to a nation of couch potatos.
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