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Looking for skis/poles/boots

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My name is Patrick, and I live in Colorado. I'm trying to find a good deal on some ski gear for next season and beyond. I am mainly an intermediate skier, and try to ski several times a season; whenever time allows me to.

I have never bought ski gear before, but would like to soon. I already have all the winter clothing, and would be looking at buying new or used boots/skis+bindings/poles (downhill). I'm thinking it might be easier to rent for the upcoming year, and purchase later, but if I can purchase now, that would be a bonus. I'm really just looking for the cheapest solution that will work for my situation. I am not looking to spend a lot, just something that will work for the next several years and beyond. I wear size 11 men shoes, and about 6' tall. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Maybe leasing gear for the season would work for you . Learning what is available and how your skiing would fit into them is necessary . Buying boots that are right for you would be the best initial investment. Skis are nowhere near as important and good fitting boots that are right for your level of skiing.
Read threads about bootfitting and then read some of the ski reviews and immerse yourself into the culture of ski gear.
Ask questions as the needs arise and you will get plenty of help here. The search function is a good way to catch up on what's new.

Good luck to you and welcome to Epicski. Colorado ,huh ? Nice. Maybe the ESA Aspen would fit in your plans for improvement.
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I agree that your first stop is a decent boot - it will make the biggest contribution to progression after lessons. It is a leap of faith but I have not met anyone that has got to that intermediate stage, plumped the cash for their own boots and then said 'I skied better in rentals'. New will be better as no one elses foot shape will have impacted the liner. last years (or older styles) boots assuming that they have been stored in the box in a reasonably dark, cool room will be as good as new and much cheaper to buy.

You will also get better mileage out of a slightly firmer fit and the diligence to have a few adjustments made to the shell, than an immediately comfortable fit because the shell is too big (read elsewhere on this forum). It is probably the most rigid piece of footwear you have worn and the liner can only do so much so expect some work to be done and make sure that it is included in the purchase price (another reason to buy new from a reputable boot fitter).

That said use this forum to find the best bootfitter in your area and start there.

Poles do not save much on the rental cost of skis so do not bother until you are sure what length you need and what style you like etc. There are heaps of good rental skis avail these days (although the tune leaves a lot to be desired on most) so learn and enjoy getting better.

Good luck on the progression.
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Make that three votes for buying some good fitting boots. Use your ski days to rent demonstrator skis so you will know what to get on sale next summer.
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