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I like charlie's thoughts on what a pro is in the ski industry. To me a pro has a lot to do with someone's actions and attitude and how they treat guests and fellow employees. They may or may not be an expert teacher or skier, but in the area of customer service they are expert.

Back to nolo's q, the expert got to be an expert skier somehow. Maybe a combination of a lot of ski exposure, lessons, athletic ability and drive to be an expert. The professional ski instructor may have the same equasion, but less time to ski expert terrain b/c time teaching beginners, financial constraints to traveling to exodic ski destinations, taking skiing up later in life, etc. For each skiing is a passion. Some of the best skiers I know are not instructors, but are in some way connected to an instructor/coach or instruction/coaching. The pro instructor thinks of their own skiing and how that knowkedge can help others enjoy the sport more where the expert skier uses the knowledge for them self.