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Well maybe but genetic make up is something I really can't do anything about, at least it shows me who my father is which is nice. At least I only have his genetic make up whereas I can see your mothers real make up on you which is a bit of an issue really don't you think?

Welcome bad_roo - enjoy the site and never listen to anything Wear The Fox Hat says cos he has only just learnt how to read and write and gets a bit carried away sometimes.
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Are the Natives getting restless? Maybe they're Flip-ping out?

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That was really poor, just like the rest of your humour.
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That's rich coming from you.
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Good comeback but let's not start having a go at me just cos my folks have a little bit of money and we don't have to live in a cardboard box.
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I shall let the people at Holiday Inn know that you think their hotels are cardboard boxes.

If, on the other hand, you are referring to my recent property acquisition, I'll have you know it is a three bedroom cardboard box with an excellent view, and big back garden.

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Once again an interesting topic HIJACKED!
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Mind if I quote your friend Bec?
"Is Loki male/female? Sorry Loki, it's difficult to tell these things... "

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Fox, Loke -

Please put yourselves in the shoes of a newbie who has come to Epic looking for specific information on skiing speeds, finds this potentially useful thread, but is forced to wade through 21 of your off-topic (but quite humorous) posts to get to the 14 on-topic posts. If this keeps happening over and over to the Epic newbie, do you think they are going to come back to Epic?

Did you stop to think that this is what you are unwittingly doing to AC? Is this the sort of ratio of useful to extraneous info you would like to be faced with in books and technical notes related to *your* day jobs?

Please be more considerate and take these sorts of digressions over to the humor or "community" section. They really are quite funny. I personally don't want to see them stop, just put in the correct place.


Tom / PM

[ September 03, 2002, 09:55 PM: Message edited by: PhysicsMan ]
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I have to concur with PMan here. Please either stay on topic or post your comment elsewhere. If the comment doesn't fit into any other EpicSki forum, well then...

I just want to make this website as useful as possible to as many people as possible.

I'll be accommodating the interest in general non-skiing conversation in about a week with a new forum just for stuff like this.

[ September 03, 2002, 09:09 AM: Message edited by: AC ]
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Question: The pissing contest between WTFH and Loke seems to be personal . . . so why is it trotted out here for all the world to see? Or . . . mabe it's a show put on for our entertanment as well as theirs. I will certainly concur in this case with PhysicsMan, and it is entertaining and humorous, but even when AC has that other feature up and running, do we or do we not want a two-person show that everone else merely watches? Just asking, as I don't have an answer. I do agree that here, though, the "hijacking" has had a negative impact. Nothing personal, guys, just business.

On topic: The speed issue - it does appear that my original guesses about in-bounds skiing have some support. Another issue, though, is what is reasonable speed with other skiers on the slopes? My son is a pretty good skier, but he's more than irritated on "race day" when the racers seem to need to go very fast EVERYwhere while getting to the race course on generally used trails. His fear is that, even if they're in contol of themselves, another skier less skilled and out of control could help to cause a collision with one of those racers. Because of the high speed, the collision would cause all the more damage. It still appears to me that 40 mph on a hill with a lot of skiers is either the top or over the top - and 30 mph would be closer to resaonable top speed there.

[ September 03, 2002, 09:31 AM: Message edited by: oboe ]
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Ummmm Loke and WTFH one and the same???
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Ummmm Could be.....
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the speed record for skiing is somewhere around 150, i think.
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Earlier I posted a link to NY State Ski Racing Association showing speeds and consequences of falling without proper safety netting.

It's neat to go fast, but keep in mind what might happen(ski patrol training coming through).
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248.105km/h or 154mph by Harry Egger
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thats insane-- one wrong move and your gone. make a tiny little turning adjustment and your about 50 feet from where you started... lol
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What you just described is almost what happened to me. The only difference is that the guy was racing around blind corners when he hit me, shattering my leg. I think that there is way to much fast skiing on lower level terrain. AT WC patrol is really on the look our for speed in the wrong places. People really need to be more aware of the risks.
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P.S. I don't ski fast at all.
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ditto but not about the fast thing.

We are most certainly not one and the same. Next time you start an argument WTFH I suggest you take it outside first.
He started it!!

Had some bloke smack into my Mum really fast and hard and it put her back years in her skiing, she still hasn't recovered and it was about 8 years ago but her techniques is certainly a lot better for skiing slower I guess.
Mmmm this humble pie tastes goooood!
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