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Ride Early or Late?

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I just got back from a bike ride, which has been a routine I've had with my friend for quite some time. On our ride, we discussed how much we get out of our early Morning rides, and how little gets in the way of it.

I like an all day adventure on a weekend(complete with riding and social time with friends), and I try to get out a few times in the evenings, but it seems that other interests such as golf, volleyball, and family obligations, can get in the way of riding consistently in the evenings.

My Morning ride is definitely something I look forward to and can count on to start my day off right

When do you ride?
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Both. TWFSS.

The morning usually feels like something seized on the sly from the jaws of the bureaucratic time-sucking beast; the PM is usually more of a reward though one does feel sort of alienated weaving through the Georgetown sidewalk party.
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I like to put my bike on the car before work then ride right after work... that means mid to late morning/early afternoon. The trails are mostly empty, the sun is nice and warm but not too hot and the dew is gone. Seems that if I go home before riding I start doing stuff (like reading what the Bears have to say) and often I never get back out.

I do enjoy riding but if I end up skipping it I feel guilty for missing a workout instead of feeling like I missed out on big fun..... for me riding is a means to an end (being fit for ski season) rather than and end in and of itself.
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
Tasmanian Wheat Freight Subsidy Scheme?
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Monday and Thursday are car days.
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Currently I go out in the evenings after work - clears my head, burns off energy, and sets me up for a great night's sleep.

When I'm not working, I like going out early in the day.
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On the road @ 4:30 AM during the week.
3:30 AM on Saturdays for the LONG one.
5:30 AM for the Sunday/ Wife ride.
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carbonissimo! when's bed-time?
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Damn...3:30am! Youre probably also always on the first chair I assume.

I ride when I can, that is all.
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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
carbonissimo! when's bed-time?
lol...9-10 PM.

Richie-Rich...the first and last chair.
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I like evening untill it started to hit a 100 degrees everyday in SLC, then I switch to mornings. Really its whenever work allows this week I wont ride tomorrow but will ride every morning till next wednesday.

I normally dont hit the trailheads till 8am, with working 60-70 hours a week I need to sleep as much as possiable.
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When do you ride?

Trekchick, I almost always ride in AM because I'm basically a morning person. However there is another reason. Mornings are safer (if you're road riding this is a consideration). Early mornings there are fewer DUI after work drivers on the road. Fewer poeple rushing home. But the main reason is fewer drunk drivers on the road. On weekends the early AM is definitely safer.
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I ride at least two mornings a week and like to start as early as 5:30 AM but with daylight I'm getting a later start, like around 6 AM.
The only consideration in the morning for road riding and safety is fog.
Road riding for me is on a mt bike with hybrid tires. Where we ride has a combination of paved, and gravel. I can leave my house on my bike, ride 4 miles to my friends house, get 6 in with her and ride back home. The 6 with her takes around 20 minutes, so I can leave and be back home in just under an hour and start my day off feeling good.
**Did I mention hills? We have some hills!!!!!
We have canceled rides to to fog.
I save my Trek Liquid rides for evenings and weekends when I have time to go to a mt bike trail.
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[quote=Pete No. Idaho; On weekends the early AM is definitely safer.[/quote]

I wish that was the case...not in this town !!! :
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I ride in the evening - not a morning person.
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I ride mid afternoon or evening/ after work. I'm not a morning person.

With Northern Vermont summer temps soaring into the high 70's and low 80's with almost no humidity, mid day is pretty nice.
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Evenings. 7-9 pm. Mornings are rough enough at 5:00 am.

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early to bed

mwf, 5a, gym

su, on road by 7a
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Probably early, but on long summer days, why not both? Rock the road bike before breakfast, a spin on the mountain bike after dinner. Or commute on a cross bike, hammer the direct route in, meander and find single tracks you can connect on the way home.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
Or commute on a cross bike,
I -think- I'm close enough to work a uni, assuming I can figure out the Wisconsin avenue and Roosevelt island descents.
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Morning; the air is cleaner.
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I love my morning ride. I have the perfect training partner. He's always ready, really fast and he sleeps at the end of my bed.

I know its a cliche, but it really is the best time of the day.
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I ride morning and evening.... because I commute. But I ride on a paved bike (Muti-use) trail. I like afternoons better, except for the summer heat and humidity. I'm just not very energetic at 7am, although I try to push myself. I generally have much more energy for the afternoon ride. I finally drove to work today, for the first time in almost 3 weeks. I had an eye Dr appointment, and needed to swap my towel and washcloth for clean ones (not that I couldn't have humped them in, but it's easier this way). And like Telerod suggested, many afternoons, I'll continue past my normal exit, and turn my 10mi commute into a 20+ mi commute (as long as I'm not going to get home too late).
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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post
I know its a cliche, but it really is the best time of the day.
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Originally Posted by JohnH View Post
And like Telerod suggested, many afternoons, I'll continue past my normal exit, and turn my 10mi commute into a 20+ mi commute (as long as I'm not going to get home too late).
Did that Weds. Got caught in toad rush hour.

You never forget your first squish.


Crossing under Legion bridge next to canal ~9pm
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Both. Sometimes. Neither. What was the question?
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5 hour 15 minute ride this morning...home by 9:10 AM...:
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I have found mid day is the best time to ride the "Wasatch Crest" most scenic trail I have ridden.

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Ideally, I would ride early. However, the hour plus commute to work for 7am dictates that I am up at 5am. Not time for a morning ride.

So I ride late, or rather try to. I don't know how you guys manage the energy/motivation after a day of work. It seems like every time I want to get out and ride, something comes up. Late day at work, thunderstorms, etc.

Past two Fridays I have made it out of here to ride by 6:30 though, back to the car past sundown (8:30).

Trying to get out a bit earlier today.
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It might be possible to figure out a way to combine the 2hr+ (roundtrip) commute with some bicycling. It sounds like you live too far from work to ride the whole way, but maybe combine bike + train or bike + bus or bike + car. Ride to the train station or bus stop. Or drive part of the way and ride the rest. Drive to work with your bike in the car and ride home, the next day ride to work and drive home. Bring your bike in the car and ride during your lunch break. If none of this works, you may have to limit most of your riding to the weekend. If you need a regular aerobic workout jogging is probably more time efficient, but if you can do part of your commute on the bike, you're killing two birds with one stone.
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