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ski schools in aspen

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hi there,
i am visiting aspen from the uk for the first time in january 2008
and need some info on the ski schools,we are staying in aspen at the little nell hotel, and would like to know if i can book a ski week that visits all four of aspens ski hills, i think that snowmass would suit my skiing best,but would really like to see all that aspen has to offer
i did my first off piste skiing in austria last year and although i found it tough, it got me wanting more
as i am visiting aspen with my non-skiing wife, i see a ski week as the best way to meet people and find my way round.
any info would be most appreciated
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Hello Neilski! Welcome to snowHeads...
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When in January are you coming? The Epic Ski Academy is running at Aspen January 20-24 and is a great ski camp. They make use of all 3 main mountains (Buttermilk is primarily a beginner/park resort).

If those days do not align with your visit, you will need to go through the Aspen Ski School, which runs lessons at all 4 areas. All 4 are easily accessed by bus -- of course the Nell is at the base of Aspen Mountain, so that requires no transit at all. The bus transit center is 2 blocks from the Nell, and the bus is free to all areas until 6 pm.

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They have several different programs. Mountain explorers looks like a nice fit.


Your going to really like the Little Nell. Plus it is so easy to ski Aspen Mountain, that you may find it difficult to go to any of the other mountains.
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Hi Neilski! Glad you're coming to Aspen.

Also, Shredhead is right--about both the Little Nell and the ski school. The Mountain Explorers starting at Snowmass is the best ski week option in our school. And the pros are great.

Also, I believe that our Epicski Academy on the 20th through the 24th as an amazing event. Check it our on this website.

The other option is a private lesson pro who can take you wherever and whenever to the exact terrain and mountain you wish to be on.

Please call me if you need anything while you're here.

Weems 970 379 6021
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