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Hitch mount ski rack

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So, I've looked at the major brands of racks and nobody has a fit for the roof of a crown vicoria, which I drive. So I am in need a hitch mount rack system which is actuall convenient because both Thule and Yakima have ski mounts that mount to a bike mount. Has anyone had any experiences with this type of rack? the only noticible difference I can tell betwee the two is the Thule mounts to the bike rack in two places. I guess i have to stick with the same brand for the ski rack and bike rack? Any help is appreciated being in OKlahoma for the summer makes it hard to go shop and see these systems in person. thanks!
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In the 06' Powder Magazine gear issue (the one with Doug Coombs on the cover) featured an article with a 97' Crown Vic in it w/a ski rack on the roof...

What year is yours?

My ski bud has the Thule hitch mount rack and I dread it whenever it's his turn to drive...My skis always get dirty and have even, on occasion, noticed the edges towards the tails turn a bluish color from road chemicals.

I would only suggest this method as a last resort.
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nice find thank you. I own a '97 as well. It's a retired police car and I realized that they can mount a lightbar on there so don't see why I couldn't make a rack fit. I also hear that a dramatic reduction in fuel economy is noticed on the highway with a bike or two on your roof is this true? I make the drive from oklahoma to colorado several times a year among other places so this could be important.
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I'm not too crazy about any rack that exposes skis to road salt and spray, but a hitch mounted rack has got to be the dirtiest place to carry skis! All the spray kicked up by the wheels gets sucked into the wake of the car.

BTW, nice choice. Hope you got a killer stereo.

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This product might offer a better solution;

I've even placed these on the trunk lid of an older car and carried the skis width-wise behind the back window. Not recommended, but it worked for me, the skis stayed clean and there was no impact on gas mileage.


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Its' got cop tires, cop suspension and its a model built before catalytic converters so it runs good on regular gas. Is it the new ski machine or not?

Fix the lighter.
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I imagine there is some way of bagging my skis or making some type of cover for them when they are behind the car, just a thought. I would much rather have a hitch put on then drill more holes in my roof. Has anyone tried the landing pads before? magnets are a good idea but i have to be able to carry my bike also.
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If you install the mounts and bars you can mount a box/carrier up there and the skis would be just fine.

I was a deputy sheriff through 98' and I can't remember if the 97' crown vics had a traditional gutter...I don't remember how the lightbar attached to my patrol car, but I'm almost positive it wasn't directly bolted to the roof.

Take a pic of the top of the car (including a closeup) and I'm sure I could come up with a good solution for you.

About the fuel economy issue...Yes, you will notice a slight loss in fuel mileage, but we are only talking about 1-2 mpg worse.
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unfortunately I am in Pasadena without my car for one more week for my internship this summer. However, I had to remove the lightbar mounts when i got the car. They screwed directly to the body of the car underneath the weatherstripping. I think I've decided to just go with the hitch mount for now. And just worry about getting my bikes to school. Once ski season gets started i'll worry about them. I can always just slip em inside with me like i've been doing. They fit perfectly over the tranny tunnel between my bucket seets. Also when i get rid of the car or it finally dies I can transfer the hitch mount to a new vehicle much easier.
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If you have the old light bar assembly you could probably remove just the lights reinstall the bars(if they are two) and with some u-bolts or stainless hose clamps attach the Thule, Yakima, or whatever brand of ski rack you want on your roof, or better yet cargo box.
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Hitch rack is the worst place to carry skis - re chemicals and grit on roads.

If you have to carry skis externally then a cheap way to protect them is to have a roll of cling film in the car and wrap your (pref dry and clean) skis completely before a long journey. All the grit, bugs, detrius of the road just peels off with the cling film at the other end.
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