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TR - The Black Hole, canyoning at it best and worst.

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So my friend Axel Foley has been doing some canyoning trips in dixie(southern utah), 2 days ago I get a call that me,him and his girl and some random girl named liz, will be going down to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in to the area of White Canyon know as "The Black Hole"

The drive down was beautiful with big country and big skies

The Henry's from a far

Jetskis in the middle of the desert

Cool Lightning Storm

We here time to set up some tents

That night it rained super hard and we are far from avid outdoors people here, at the time we had no clue how much that rain would change are day. Our tent at Day break.

The Great Views continue

the Canyon we are going to hike down in to from the bridge

Nough, of the wimpy **** let get this show on the road. Liz and Chelseas lead the way down into White Canyon

the Sign saying you could die buy going down this canyon, I thought several times we were in way over our head.

Almost to the bottom

Yay!! we are at the bottom looking back up how we got in.

Tim figures out he that the water is lowing we decide to go on.

So peaceful

Starting on what would become the scariest day of my life.

Me smiling cause its so damn cool to be here.

again just an incredible place to be. for reference in size just look at my friends lower left

tiniest Frog I have ever seen

The necessary point shot

tims going to show you how to boulder here, what you cna see is the 10 foot drop to slot canyon below him.

Step one get that left foot on that hold.

Step 3 get that hand hold

Nice peaceful hike though the water right? wrong

after this picture was taken we come on upon a rope to rope down a 10 foot water fall then plunge into 60 degree water. that would of been easy except we swam to a dead end. The dead end being cause by high water. imagine a 2 foot wide canyon with a 2 foot wide log wedge in between that canyon. words cant do this justice but I will try tim some how gets on top of the 10 foot above water vertical log(He says its the scariest thing he has ever done his life.) Rope the safety rope around the long then get the girls to grab the rope and jump to the log to grab on, I have to help the girls up the ledge of rock to get the log. then one by one they jump off the log and swim to the newest walkable area. then it is my turn, I climb up the side of the canyon wrapp the rope around my left hand and prepare to go for it. I jump land on the log. still not home safe, we have to friction hold the down the canyon walls to get back to water.

this would prove to be only the second toughest part of our trip, it could of been avoided by just turning around and coming back when there was no water.

the next part we swim to what looks like a beaver damn from hell, we get to it climb up and relize we now are 30 feet above the water again and the only way down is through a tiny hole on a rope(no ACT or anythiing like that here) downclimbing beyonjd vertical logs. Then dropping once you safe into another hole.

This picture doesnt do it justice but this was the hardest thing we did.

Saying this canyon is narrow is understatement

tim and liz enjoying food and life after getting out of the black hole

Chelsea on the final climb out on a log bridge to get over a pretty big hole.

Liz getting out of the canyon.

Chelsea helped push my ass up to this point and now makes a run for it herself.

me and chelseas using hte crack to get up

this girl has forced me to respect her so much more after seeing what she can do. Tim Id say shes a keeper.

OK so we get back up to road 2 miles from our car and this nice 07 vette sto for us, tim hope in and goes zooming bye at 100 mph towards our car.

sry for the water.

In summary canyoning rocks!!! bouldering, climbing, hiking, rappeling, and various other skills all combined in one. with that said what we did today shouldnt of been done with the high water. I have to thank tim for stepping up and taking charge in the hairy situtions. Me and 2 girls owe him big time, hopefully he will chime with what he thought about today.
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Bushwacker, most excellent slot canyon trip, although given the weather as of late, I'd say that you were very lucky not to get in a flash flood. Nice shot of the Datura, or Moonflower. Very toxic and hallucinogenic if eaten. Impressive friction moves. Thanks for the report.
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Wow, nice day. When you see thunderstorms anywhere that they can dump into the watershed of these narrow canyons, beware. Flash flooding is dangerous, can occur in seconds, and can leave you no escape. Where is this in relation to SLC?

Thanks again for sharing.
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jsut be clear the thunder storm was the night befroe we went and the water was going down. No rain at all during the day. its 5 hours south of SLC in glen Canyon nation recreation area.
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That looks scary Cool! :
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your face looks good! no lingering (concussion type) effects from the crash I take it??
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Nice pic's........Looks like you had a great time!!!!!
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Geez BushWacker.........When you are elderly you will have lots of memories to ponder!!

Once again, great report!!

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remember thats if i make to be old.....my record isnt good right now.

just joking but what I really thought...

I have a great life story to tell, now all I need is someone to tell it to.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
remember thats if i make to be old.....my record isnt good right now.

just joking but what I really thought...

I have a great life story to tell, now all I need is someone to tell it to.

What about the "random girl"?? She wouldn't listen??
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The most alive I've ever felt is right after those times where I've been lucky enough to cheat death.....
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Nice TR. The Black Hole is definitely on my list. Ya got me thinking about posting some Escalante pics. There's nothing like canyon country.

Wonder why they call it Neon Canyon : :

FYI Tom's Canyoneering site is one of many good resources.
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If nothing else, I believe Bushwacker, in an act of respect and gratitude, should extend an offer for a series of free private ski lessons to Chelsea the Random Girl.
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the random girl comment...was a inside joke cause i knew she would be reading it.

Chelsea = tims girlfriend and one of my bestfriends

Liz = the random girl, she is tims brother friend friend, us three just met her. shes 29 and works as lawyer/analyst for the USA goverment in DC. but enjoyed her time with three dirtbag ski bums.
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Was that DC_duh?
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Post more pictures of Chelsea please..
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