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2008 Tahoe Gathering March 6-9 Heavenly,Kirkwood, Rose

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After ESA Tahoe last year we all went over to Kirkwood for Friday and a number of people also visited Alpine and, I think, Squaw. It was a great time with BBQ by Cirquerider and excellent spring conditions on the mountain. We might not have an ESA out here this year, but I'd really like to see another gathering in the Tahoe area. It was excellent fun, and I'd be happy to coordinate such an endeavor.

As a straw man how about:

Friday 3/7/08 Heavenly
Saturday 3/8/08 Kirkwood
Sunday 3/9/08 Sugar Bowl

The main event would be Saturday at Kirkwood, because it rocks. It could also be great to get Squaw and/or Alpine in there again, depending on what people want to do. Any takers?

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If you guys are at Kirkwood on a weekend (unlike last year) I'd be happy to do a bit of tour guiding at my stomping grounds (provided it's not a powder day, then of course all bets are off, every man woman and child for themselves, etc etc )
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Cue the Hospital Air footage...
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Adam, I'm in, and way to get the jump on next March!

One lesson learned from last year is that its hard to get the whole group to move from South Lake to the North side. I think you will end up with a different group at each area. That said, I like seeing Sugar Bowl in the mix. Anyway, I'll bring the grill and some beer.
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One question:

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if you guys change the weekend, let me know; and i may be in; but got 2 family birthdays the 7th +9th; so i'm out of that weekend.

yeah, CO and UT get all the press; but Tahoe is my fave.
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Originally Posted by alpinedad View Post
One question:

One answer.....

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Technically, that's not an answer.
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Originally Posted by irul&ublo View Post
Glen Plake
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Originally Posted by DonDenver View Post
Glen Plake
If he's coming, fine.

Otherwise, yougottabekiddinme.
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Alpine Meadows is the Kirkwood of North Shore...at least in terms of vibe and accessibility to the hill. One could easily stake out some primo grilling real estate down by the Adaptive Ski School lift/ticket window.

I understand Heavenly's appeal if there are out-of-towners (cheap lodging, gambling, and it being a wannabe destination resort), ditto for Squaw, but if it's going to be mostly locals, we should coagulate where the locals do. Keeping the crew together at Squaw was something of a chore. Heaveny would only be worse, since it has 4 entry points, parking sucks (unless you know where to go and get there first thing they open) and it has a ton of wasted cross-traversing incorporated into getting around the whole mountain.

All that said, i'll be happy to meet where ever and ski with whomever.
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Dookey, I agree Squaw was especially tough to meet at. I kept having people calling on the radio but couldn't sort them out in the crowd. In the end, a lot of folks ended up skiing on their own. Alpine Meadows was mainly a local crew that a few of us involved in the Gathering visited. We had a great day, but I think Alpine locals are like Pittsburghers...they don't travel well. Kirkwood was a great day and fantastic turnout, especially for a Friday.

Dookey picking up after the crew. Holy Crap! that other dude married my daughter!

Next year's host encouraging WTFH "aw crap, my knees!"
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I always have a hard time hooking up with people at Squaw regardless of who they are. The only time I've ever managed to ski with everyone I was supposed to was when we all carpooled together, leaving our various sleeping spots at the same time, meeting in downtown Truckee and then convoying from there, parking together, etc.

Heavenly is the same way. If you don't all leave at the same time it's "good luck meeting on the hill" action.

Wouldn't know about Pittsburghers, but you might have nailed it on the head. My buddy Trevor, who had an Alpine pass last season, really wouldn't go any where else. Too much trouble. Me, I personaly like bouncing around as i have Skiing ADD and get tired of a spot after a few days.

Of course skiing in a group with a bunch of different folks has alleviated a wee bit of the ADD to date...just a wee bit.

again, i'll go with the flow. But it does seem like the smaller/mid-sized spots (KW, AM, SB, maybe even Rose?) are better suited for meet-n-skis.
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Actually, I always find it easy to meet up at Squaw, because it has continuous cell service all over the hill.

But yeah, it's hard to rationalize leaving Alpine when your pass is paid for, your gear is in a locker at the base, and you know where the good stuff is and the crowds ain't.
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Not to mention, X-EastCoaster (aka Corky) showed us places at Squaw that were unexpected. :

Yes, its true, the dude (and his wife) rip.

I'm still not certain if Alpine Meadows was a Gathering or a mini summit.
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Indeed, we did have a good time with X-EC and the Missus @ Squaw Cirque. No doubt. I honestly didn't mind so much that we didnt' connect with everybody else cuz I was having a blast sucking all y'alls VT's.

Plus I earned an honorary guest bed at X-Ec's crib in Reno after that Squaw venture. Hooked up with them the following weekend at KW, too. Good peoples whom I hope to ride with again this coming season.

Damn, i need to go skiing stat...
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Count me in again guys, Hopefully this time without an injured back. After all if I wipe out in front of Dookey again it will be 3 strikes

Oh, and we will try to keep Cirque out of the trees
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I was just thinking Heavenly because of out-of-town potential. And, of course, I want to get a chance to tear up Mott and Killebrew. However, I agree that it's insanely hard to meet up at Heavenly. Even with just a few people who all know each other well and the hill well we have had trouble staying together. I wouldn't even consider it on a weekend. BTW, there's a ton of really good tree skiing at Heavenly (and coverage should be good early March).

Sounds like Kirkwood for Saturday is a definite. A classic in the making!

I like Sugar Bowl for Sunday. I haven't been there, but really want to go. Alpine or Homewood for Friday, then? Rose? Any other suggestions? Two days at Kirkwood?

Sounds like the date choice is a go, at least? Lots of time to plan, so we can get another big turnout.

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Heavenly ain't bad...you just need to get there hella early and park in either Stagecoach or Boulder, the latter being the better lot for tailgaiting as it's a flat lot opposed to SC's sloping one. The downside is the Boulder is the beginner load in and the lift is excruciatingly slow.

Sugarbowl is sweet and usually low-key, though i don't know what the new condo/hotel situation will be like now at the Judah entrance.

Again, Adam, thanks for taking point on this and i'll show up wherever since i had a blast with all y'all last year. maybe i'll even remember to bring the beer this time (left it in the fridge last time...doh!).
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Mt. Rose

Any planning of a Tahoe Mini really should include Mt. Rose.

There are very few North Shore / Reno area maggots who do not spend quite a bit of time @ The rose.

If you don't ski and party with the Mt. Rose regulars you are missing out.

Mt. Rose Sucks you should go to Squaw Valley especialy if its a powder day
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I bet you could get Bud out for a day at Mt. Rose, too!
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I'm game for Rose. Hain't been there in forever...in fact the only time I ever skied Rose was probably 15-20 years ago...i recall that it was a crappy snow day as i kept ramping over bumps and scraping out on the granite lurking underneath. if i wasn't grinding granite, then i was dodging tree stumps.

that said, both MTT and X-Eastcoaster have stated that they have a nice posse that gets together and does the whole tailgating action supreme out that way.
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I'm in for the "tahoe ski fest" KW sounds like a definite. Cirque and his grill techno gizmo's is a , I think the VIP lot might be easier for schlepping in and out. Touring with Tyrone, I'm in.
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ok locals...as a semi-newbie..are their enough greens and blues to keep this advanced beginner happy?

How are the greens and blues compared to say Deer Valley?I gather the mountains you mentioned are more skier mountains like Alta, which is fine. We wont have the kids so not a problem.

Kicking around the idea of another trip and we can't make LGC IV as we have conflicts. So we were thinking of Tahoe but unsure if the mountains there are right for us. Input is appreciated. Hooking up with some Bears for a drink would be cool.
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For greens and blues, best bets are probably Heavenly, Squaw, and Northstar. For blues that challenge you to improve, Alpine is hard to beat.

I find the "Mountain Layout" tabs at skiamericacanada.com to be fairly informative. Here's the one for Alpine.
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I have to disagree slightly with Alpinedad. Heavenly sucks for greens, but it is spectacular for blues. In fact, in the blue cruiser department Heavenly simply cannot be beat. You won't be disappointed at Kirkwood either. There is plenty of skier mountain terrain at Kirkwood, but it has a really great learning area and some medium blues are available. The variety just isn't that great at the blue level. I haven't been to Sugar Bowl, but I'm really looking forward to it. If we do Rose I won't be much help there either, but there will definitely be others who know the mountain. I'm happy to spend some time guiding at Kirkwood for blue skiers (just not the whole day) as I know that mountain pretty well. There WILL be skiers at every level, and groups will naturally form.

I'm also willing to guide at Heavenly on either Thursday or Monday if there are out-of-towners who want to check that place out. I do understand why many locals wouldn't be enthusiastic about it so scheduling one of the 3 "main" days there doesn't make sense. The best views in Tahoe are not to be missed if you do take a trip out here!

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Just a reminder that the Tahoe Six-Pack will give you good discounts at all the ski areas being discussed here. I really recommend you look at this, and remember that it will not be for sale come ski season.

If there was any question, I'm in wherever this goes...and I'll bring the grill.
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Trust albertsch on the greens and blues at Heavenly over me, because I haven't been there in years, and it's not like I was concentrating on greens at the time.
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Perhaps I could arrange to have some PM Gear Bro Model demos available? We'll have 169's, 179's, 188's, 192's, and maybe a 193 in a few different shapes next year (new graphics too) and I'll keep this event in mind. Nothing official, but maybe just a few pairs out of the back of my car, but only if people are interested. This is such a long ways out though....we'll see.
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Originally Posted by MTT View Post
If you don't... party with the Mt. Rose regulars you are missing out.
What...missing out on getting car jacked?
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