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Snow in North American mid November

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is there any place that has a reasonable chance of having snow around Thanksgiving in North America?
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Alaska has a very reasonable chance.
Mount Hood in Oregon as well.
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Is that Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct 8th) or US Thanksgiving (Nov 22nd)?
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Mt. Hood...Possibly Meadows and SkiBowl, but certainly Timberline.
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Mt. Bachelor, OR has been open for thanksgiving the last several years. (top to botom I think).
Last thanksgiving I skpped bachelor and went to tahoe... it wasnt a good start for the season to say the least.
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Colorado has been rocking by Thanksgiving the past 3 years. Plenty of places will certainly be open. Of course at that time of year it's a crapshoot anywhere.
This pic was taken November 12th of last year.

Wasn't bad at all. Again, it could do anything next year. There will be a WROD at a few resorts for sure even if the snow doesn't fall.
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Baker had over 200" by Thanksgiving last year...but your best bets would be Loveland/ A-basin for consistency.
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Some places will have good skiing, on natural snow, by Thanksgiving. Wolf Creek and Grand Targhee would be your best bets. But it's best to just wait and book at the last minute if you can.
Summit County Colorado resorts, with all their snow making capacity, always have something open. But it can be a little crowded.
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Big Mountain/Whitefish Mountain Resort used to have their official opening on Turkey Day, but it's been all over the map for years, so they have pushed their expected opening into December. SUPPOSEDLY they will open earlier if conditions warrant, but I doubt it.

I think that's a time period I wouldn't book too much in advance.
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If you need to plan well in advance I'd echo what others others have said and fly to Portland, Oregon. Timberline, with its permanent Palmer Snowfield and traditional early snows is as close to a full guarantee as you can find in the USA for November skiing. Close by is Mt Hood Meadows and Mt. Bachelor could well have good snow by then also and is only a few hours drive further South.

The other pretty safe option would be to fly to SEA/TAC. Drive North to Mt. Baker or further North to Whistler.

There may be great Thanksgiving skiing in many places this season. Let's hope so. If early planning isn't a requirement, then I'd say follow the weather conditions and hopefully you will find a great area that you really want to ski that has plenty of snow by Thanksgiving. If Colorado has good early snow, its lighter snow would edge out the PNW in the minds of many skiers.
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Unfortunately, traveling during Thanksgiving pretty much dictates it has to be early planning. Or it simply won't happen at all.

I'm assuming flying, that is.

You'll have a hard time finding a seat from everywhere to anywhere with less than 6 weeks advance. By Nov. 1, you might as well resign yourself to staying home and drive to the nearest resort that has the most snow gun.
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Sunshine and Lake Louise usually open on the November 11th weekend. By American Thanksgiving there is usually pretty good coverage at Sunshine, although the whole mountain won't be open. Lake Louise will normally be open on the front side and may still be dependent on man-made snow.
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Early snow

3 out of the last 4 years we had great snow by mid November. Northern Idaho. If you fly into Portland you will have the choices of Mt. Hood, Mt. Bachelor, Washington Baker etc., Northern Idaho all not too far for say at least a 4-7 day trip. Horizon air will also get you from Portland to these areas in short times and you can wait to buy those depending on Snow etc. as these are connector flights and usually you can get on.
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