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PE binding position

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Ok, I'm waiting here for my PE's to arrive, wondering about this binding position enigma. Since the PE is considered more of an all mountain ski, why are the majority of people mounting it +2? I would think this is more of a park setting position. I plan on skiing mine mostly in moguls and all mountain (east coast). I'm an expert skiier, don't really plan on riding it fakie, unless I'm just showing off. I weigh currently 220#, 6ft tall. Any suggestions on binding position and type of binding? 179cm PE.
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Johnny, where do you have your other skis mounted?
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat View Post
Johnny, where do you have your other skis mounted?
My other skis are the manufacturers middle mount. Except my trouble makers which are currently not mounted.
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If you haven't played around with mounting positions, you might be best going for the standard mounting mark. I had mine mounted at +1.75 (I think), but that's where I have my other skis mounted as well after being on a Campbell Dynamic Balance.
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I PM'd him but you can also go to the BOF method. I am using +2 on advice from a fellow Steamboat Bear but after getting them and measuring the points where the tips hit the floor (contact point) as compared to my Supershapes, the +2 will almost lineup perfectly. If I had to guess, the PE's loose about 9 cm with the TT's. making them basically 170's.
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Hey, I guess I'll try the base of foot method and see where this shows up on the ski. I'm just a little conflicted about all the information about binding placement. ie one source states that a forward mounting position is more for park, spinning, or a moderate type skiier. Other sources say that no matter what level skiier you are a forward binding mount improves your turn. So, I have a tendency to overanalyze. I've always just let the ski shops do my binding mounts and not worried about it too much. But lately I've been making internet purchases and the local ski shops are being, shall we say politically inconvenient?
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Originally Posted by Johnnys Zoo View Post
I have a tendency to overanalyze.
Ah, welcome home JZ::
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Johnny, BALL of foot! we are all guilty of anal retentive tendencies here......We wouldn't be here on July 24th if we weren't obsessed....

OK, the only difference in the mounting as you have described is how much weight/pressure ends up on the front end of your skis. Having it neutral or back will cause the skis to float more but give up some control of the tips and make them a lit less turny and responsive on groomed snow. My .02 is that +2 is a good compromise.
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base vs. ball

Well, they do hang, but not quite to that extent.
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