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Demo Shop - Breckenridge

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So I will be in Breckenridge from Jan 03-11, 2008. Basically I have skis that are great for the east/ice coast. So naturally this is a good excuse to demo and try out some new stuff. Any recommendations for doing this at Breckenridge? Stick with an official setup, or are there any noteworthy shops in town? Obviously I'm looking to spend as little money as needed.
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I would say most are about the same price range, about $40 for good demo skis. I used the Norway Haus for a couple of models last year and they were very nice, even letting me change size lengths of skis over lunch break. Different shops have different lines, so if you want some specific model, you will have to call them. I used a couple different shops, as I demo'd 4 different brands of skis. Also, if you for sure know what you want and need, call and reserve ahead of time. Then you are locked in and not surprised and/or waste time. All allow you to do this.
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