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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post
All I remember is they were blue, and they were more a mid-fat than a fat.
Oh Yea!
The Conqueror
126-84-111 with a TR of 15.8 in a 162cm. I had a ton of fun on this ski when I demoed!!!!

The Victory has a few similar properties, and yet its got its own awesome way of getting down the hill! 116-74-104 with a TR of 14.2 in a 162 cm, 12.6 in a 153cm.
I would recommend either of these skis

* both of these pics and specs are 2006-2007 models.
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Stockli Rotor 70 in 159 cm - 118/70/103 R12.2 - multi condition
or Stockli Spirit Ed VII in 157cm - 115/68/98 R13.5 - carving (my wife skis this one, she is 5'9", 130 lbs, level 7/8)

Spirit Ed Got great reviews http://www.ts2003.com/members/index.html
See 1 Ski quiver reviews for women (rated for Pro & Expert)

As your wife is quite petite she is getting float from a 68mm waisted ski that a larger skier is getting from a 75-85mm waisted skier. It is all a matter of proportional surface area to weight and leverage (ie body length).

Note that Stocklis are not light skis (they are not heavy but they are not a foam cored Salomon) but light and excellent edge hold (torsional strength) and ability to deal with changing snow conditions are almost mutually exclusive anyway.

edge angle is an important factor in hard snow performance but I assume you have got that covered (Stocklis come 1/88 anyway).

For your priorities the Spirit Ed VII should be perfect.
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My wife is similar in size. She is an expert level skier who covers pretty much the whole mountain. She seems to always take the easy way down in that no matter where she is she always makes it look so damned easy! So some friends have begun to accuse her of taking the easy way down. She raced in hight school, but that was a few decades ago. She demoed for many years. 2 years ago demoed the volkl AC2 and hated them. Boring, dull, sluggish, at least that was her impression. Then she tried the Lotta Luvs. Man! There was apparently a whole lotta luv! Now, once again, I can't possibly keep up with her. I have the AC4s and she's just gone. She's a slolam style skier and loves steep moguls and anything challenging. She loves the skis. We ski almost exclusively out west. She doesn't complain about hard pack or ice, but then she grew up skiing in New Hamshire so her ice technique is probably pretty good.
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