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I figured you guys were the only ones that would listen to my cry for help.

It's mid summer and all I still do is talk about skiing.

- planning next year's trip
- setting a goal of how many days next year
- visualizing my bump skiing technique
- working out, not because I like to, but to improve my skiing

Thank god Fantasy Football season will start in early Sept., it will keep me busy for those two months before ski season starts. (yep - Nov and Dec are hard months on the future wife - between fantasy football and skiing.. and sci-fi.. yep, I'm also addicted to sci-fi tv shows.. I have very little time)

I am definitely skiing in the summer next year. Either a summer camp at Whistler (bump camp), or I am going to Chile.
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You are being heard. Hang in there.
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If it gets really bad (shakes and the like), visit a cold storage warehouse. This is only a temporary fix (not a medical prescription).
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It got so bad i ran down to my favorite ski shop to get a little relief, maybe shopping for ski stuff would help. all they had was a rack-full of pathetic looking demo-skis, half price, three poles (?) and one olive green fleece vest, size xxxL.

how depressing.
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Somewhere just around 130 days left and counting down....

Deep yogic breaths...
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Nothing to do but embrace the summer - Pack a nice picnic lunch, maybe grab the bikes and head on up to your local resort. I spent the day on the mountain Saturday. Scoped some of the powder stashes that are being brushed out this year. It was pretty enjoyable scoping single track and relaxing.

If it gets too bad, there are always plane trips to Chile or New Zealand!

Jones'n as well.


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How much is a plane ticket to Portland from your place? There's still snow / turns to be
had out here on the coast skiing the volcanoes. At Hood and up north at Whistler. Both still lift served. Hood $37.00 US and Whistler a little cheaper with exhcange rate.
Not trying to bum you out, just let you know a few of us are "getting some".
I put up 6000 vert on Rainier last weekend, had to climb for every foot, but was worth it. A little sun cupped, actually very sun cupped but corn / frozen corn was good. Hope to head back up this weekend and spend 2 days
skiing before the ice surfaces as it does this time of year. I'll make a couple turns for you! Wish you were here!
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Go Str8line!

I tried it at Colchuck Glacier in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness last week. The snowfield/glacier is receded over 1/4 mile up scree & boulders. I didn't ski, but packed my gear 6 miles through the woods! Good training tho. It's gonna haunt me 'til I go back.

So where did you hike to on Big R?
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Have only got in 2 weekends so far this year, had a few work commitments. The NZ season down under started early with good cover. Has got a bit thin over the last week but it is snowing now. August and September are the best months, July is always marginal. Have got a two week holiday coming up, and we are counting down the sleeps.

It is ssooo cheap for anyone with US or Canadian dollars to come sking here (not sure about the airfares).

The latest SKI Canada Outdoor had some comments on skiing in NZ, and it mentioned Craigieburn which is a club field. The comment was that as far as facilities go, it made Red Mountain look like Vail. It may have rope tows, but you can get a weeks skiing and stay on the mountain (food and bed) for about $500, I think it might even icnlude a lesson or too.
It is not the place to go if you like skiing groomed runs, and like to be waited on - you have to do chores. Glen Plake loves this place. We went to our local ski show and got a two day lift ticket for $10 NZ - that is the price of 4 cups of coffe here (unless it is startbucks, then it's nto even 3).

We also have the commericalised ski areas, where a lift ticket averages $60 - $68 NZ. (NZ $ = 40c USD, 64c CAD, 29p GBP).
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*sigh*. your killing me, I've been wanting to ski there SO BADLY but not nearly as badly as tonight....

my problem is that for the rest of the summer, I have business trips dotted across the calendar, and no real good two week chunk of time to go...

When does the season end there? maybe I can make it at the end of the season...
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Here is what you do...

On a cold night, lock your skis on your ski rack. Set the bindings to the highest setting. Put on your ski boots - TIGHT! Then simply pop in your skis and have someone drive you around the neighborhood at insanse speeds. Practice your tuck, but do not try and carve.
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Must stop visiting

Must get in the skiing stte of mind.

Jeez...I just whipped out my old photo albums to get my winter fix.

Gotta buy that WRX wagon soon!

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Went into Spray Park, on north side of Rainier and skied the Flett glacier, north side of Observation Peak and then moved onto lower Ptarmigan ridge. It;s a hump going in from Mowich Lake, about 12-15 miles rd trip depending on how far in you go to set up camp. Set up a little camp at a tarn at the bottom of Flett. Made 8's which stood out nicely against the mix of pink snow algea and dust from rock fall. Another good place this time of year is Frying Pan glacier, west of Summerland and on route to Little Tahoma, going up there next weekto check things out. Will probably take tele gear, little lighter than apline stuff. The low pressure we just had brought the freezing level down to 6-7k feet. But I'm sure only time and it will be down to the ice.
Happy to be turnin' in July!
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LindA - most commerical fields are closed by the end of the first week in October, this is when the school holidays finish. There is usually still snow but the Kiwis stop going. Summer sports have started, or they've run out of money, or like us, the garden has started to grow so lots to do at home. Some ski areas, like Mt Hutt, stay open until the end of October. It is closer to a bigger population base so the locals can do day trips. Whereas in Queenstown and Wanaka the nearest city is 3 hours, so it is always a weekend trip, which is a much bigger commitment. Skiing in September is spring skiing, and can be quite warm later in the month. Last year the best snow was in September, it came late.
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I'm with you, Mack. This is avery tough time of year for me. I enjoy summer for all of about 4 weeks. Once the family and I return from vaca., usually about mid-July, I've had enough. The mind just fast forwards to December. Gets really bad til about mid-August, when the pre-Labor day sales hit and the gear starts coming in. Pathetic!
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Thanks going to look into maybe going down in september.

I did a terrible thing today...I went to my fave mountain and did all that summertime touristy stuff...hiked one of my favorite trails, had NO SNOW on it and it was so depressing...all the snogun pipes standing there all alone...their hoses lying limp and unused...there were friken DAISIES growing in the halfpipe...disgusting.

I took one of those "senic" chairlift rides w/the kids...they run the chair slow and make it last a half hour to the about a PAINFUL half hour....
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Summer sucks. This is a horrible attitude for me to have, having grown up in the Caribbean.. I believe that the stork got the package confused and instead of delivering me up North, I ended up in PR. Either that, or 18 years growing up of only summer really was sort of overkill, and now I am making up for it. I just want to ski..
(If you are wondering, I learned to ski in college, the first year I ever even saw snow.. and have been hooked ever since, although I had to take a few years off in between college and my current job when skiing was not as accessible. But now that I live in Boston 'it's all good').
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Ya' know, I was wondering why I keep playing the song "Do you Come from the Land of Down Under", for just about every class I teach. They're the ones with the snow!

What ever happened to Men at Work, anyway?

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence

<FONT size="1">

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they got jobs.
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Yeah, me and some friends have been renting Warren Millers-- it makes us even more depressed.. I mean, if I was REAL desperate for ski I'd drive the 3 hours to Mt. Hood, but its sooooo slushy (my buddy who is at snowboard camp there has been complaining) ARGH! I love summer, I love warmth (ahhh, 80 degrees in Oregon) but I love snow too much. Waterskiing just doesn't cut it.....

"When hell freezes over, I'll ski there too"
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Now all you need is for someone to translate the lyrics of "down under" for you. It's pretty funny and cool if you never heard the translation of all the slang.
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Uh oh! I always took them at face value! Any Aussies want to help me out?
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lets see how much I remember.

Traveling in a fried out combie. (Volkswagan bus with the valves burned out)
on the hippy trail (Tour road trip through Europe) head full of zombie (opium binge)
met a strange lady, she maid me nervous, She took me in and gave me breakfast (visit to a bed and breakfast or pensione)

Basicly its an accounting of a group of guys from down under and their trip traveling the hippie trail or like a hostel trip through Europe. the den in bombay is probably an opium den hence the "lying in a den in Bombay, slack jaw and not much to say". In Australia "chunder" means to throw up after excessive drinking. and comes from being on a boat and when they get sea sick from the upper decks, in stead as we would yell "head's up" it started out, "watch out under" or "chunder"

"Veggiemite" is some kind of spread. almost like yeast paste.

That's about all I remember. I'm sure some more of the linguists can give you more.

I never figured out what makes women "glow" or Men "Plunder"
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I don't feel sorry for you one bit. In fact, you are doing very well in the "self pity" department. You obviously don't have enough to do in the summer, and like to suffer and share your suffering with everyone else.

Mack. you need a new focus that has plenty of pain and chances to engage in serious sessions of self pity it's called...

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