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Lake Louise Opening Day

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Anyone know historically when Lake Louise opens for the season? I would like to plan a trip for mid-November and not sure how dicey that would be. What do you all think?
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lake louise will be open for the november 11 long weekend.

they always make enough snow to open some of the frontside greens by this date.Unfourtantely this is all that is usually available for opening weekend.

however, the canadian rockies had an exceptionally good early season this past year. i think they were able to open the paradise chair and summit platter in the first or second week. by the end of november, the whole mountain, minus elevator shaft an er 5 was open. the conditions were fun but my skis took a bit of a beating.

most years won't be quite as good. there will be skiing, but it isn't worth a special trip, imo. april is the safest bet for the alberta rockies
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Opening Days

Both Sunshine and Lake Louise open on the November 11th weekend. Sunshine almost always has the better conditions at that time and Lake Louise usually depends on man-made snow on the front side (ribbon of death anyone?). Last year was an exceptional one for early season conditions and folks reported that it was probably the best year ever at the Lake for November/early December skiing. (It wasn't too shabby at Sunshine either!)

If you're buying the big 3 pass for your trip you'll be able to ski at either Sunshine or Louise (Norquay will usually be closed, although they opened early last year as well).
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