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Bodyboarding for an old fart ???

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We'll be taking our 6yo son to the beach a few times this summer. I got to thinking how much I used to like body surfing when I was a kid. Got me thinking that maybe I want to get me one of the bodyboard (boogie boards) for the waves. But here's the deal, even though I'm a hard-core skier, and in the past the past I've been hard-core into other adventure sports like mountain biking and windsurfing, I'm not interested investing hard-core into a sport I'll probably do two or three times a year max. My primary job is a dad for the next 10-15 years.

So could I get something usable for bodyboarding for $50-100 considering it's just a dabble sport? Any recommendations for what to get and where? Do I have to have fins or is that just a luxury?

I'm 47yo, 6', 185# and very strong swimmer even though I don't swim that often any more.
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I am a slightly older fart than thou and jsut last year picke up a couple of good Morey boogie boards on a Cape Cod vacation. No need for fins when riding the average (small) waves you will mostly find. We were at Coast Guard beach on a big day and the lifeguards weren;t letting anyone into the water unless they looked like they knew what the were doing. No swimmers allowed in past their knees. Boogie boarders were allowed in only if they looked like they knew what they were doing meaning wetsuits and fins. Plenty of surfers out that day. When I say a big day I mean about 4 foot swells, breaking outside. While this is a good size, I don't think it is all that dangerous. I used to live in SoCal and bodysurfed much bigger waves out there and never saw a lifeguard stoppinig anyone from entering the water.

Oh the boards were between $50 and 100 and that was on the cape in mid-summer.

Have fun and teach your son about the ocean so that he knows and respects it but does not harbor unreasonable fears about rip tides and undertows as it seems to me many do these days.
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l2t, I surf and bodyboard regularly. A larger bodyboard provides more float, which helps in catching waves, a smaller board is more manouverable. Get fins, it is much easier to catch waves. And enjoy.
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2'nd taxman on this. Flotation will give you the ability to get into the wave sooner. This is critical and will make the learning curve a bit softer.

Late take off elevator shaft drop in entries are a beech. Fins & flotation!
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