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Capita Travis Parker's Texas Snowboard

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Does anyone know anything about (or have any experience with) this 2007 board? My 14-year old son is interested in this for his next board. He is an advanced snowboarder who rides all over the mountain. He does not spend too much time in the park/pipe but some. It appears that this is a good all mountain board but I'm not too experienced at buying snowboards. Sierra Snowboards currently has this board available & I'm thinking about pulling the trigger. Any comments or insights? Thanks.
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The board review forum at the above site has pretty good depth of peer review if no one here has direct knowledge of that board. "El Snowboardo" and "Shays" [sp?] on that site in particular demo a lot of bords, another poster here originally pointed that site out and it's great. They may have already discussed the board. Bear in mind your son's weight, boot size, to an extent height, and stance width, all will have some bearing as to whether the borad works for him, particulraly since last year's boards will generally now have great discounts () but often only one or two lengths available.
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