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Different lenghts of same ski

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I've read that different lengths of the same ski will ski much more differently in characteristics than different brands of the same category ski. Relating to the Rossi Zenith 9: my choice of 170cm (picked by reading many sources and not by demo); is not available, but the 162cm is if I act now. So I am wondering just how different the 8cm would be? The 162's stand up to my chin and the 170cm comes to my nose (I'm 6'1" and 180-185 lbs)

I rarely ski powder or deep moguls; I stay on the groomed runs. My best runs are small 1' or so bumps with 3" or so of new snow. I donlt ski fast but I tend to ski near my fastest ability. I ski 4-8 times a season. I would catergorize myself as higher intermediate. What I want to continue to do is carve better (I slide in most turns and it's the thing I've picked to work on.)

So with this in mind does the 8cm difference in lenght mean that much? What will I give up and what might I gain?
Thank you,
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A ski like the Z9 is designed for tight carving. If you go with a longer length, it will allow you to lengthen out your turns a bit. The 162 will likely be fine, but it will have a natural demand to turn.
Personal preference is what its all about.

When I demoed the Z9, I thought it was okay, but not my pick of the day. I can't imagine it being any good in moguls, but then I'm not any good in moguls.
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At your size I think the 170 would be better. When I tried it, I skied it in a 176... and was left with a similar taste in my mouth as trek describes, minus the part about the moguls... I didn't think it would be good in moguls... but the difference was that I didn't particularly care for it anywhere. If I were going to buy the ski, I'd probably go for it in a 170, although the 176 was able to turn plenty tight enough, but the 170 might get rid of some of the sluggishness that the ski has.
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And... to actually answer your question (I did a pretty poor job huh...), the 162 will probably have a much lighter and snappier feel than the 170. It will significantly lack in stability in both long turns and in rough or soft snow. I did a comparison of the Rossi VS in two different lengths a few seasons back (158cm and 165cm) and despite being the same ski, they had very different on-snow behaviors. The 158 was fun and playful, but lacked the gas pedal that the 165 had. The 165 also maintained the same behaviors as the snow got rough or loose.
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One point that the other respondents have missed so far is that the 162 is significantly softer than the 170 or the 176. I would not suggest the 162 unless you are roughly 150 lbs or less and are more enamored of short turns at medium speed than you are long turns at high speeds. Don't let the caveats about lack of excitement deter you necessarily. The Z9 is like many Rossis.......smooth and quiet. It's done for a reason.....to make the skis fun for skiers who are not real high on the agressiveness scale.

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