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Fischer RX8 in 180 cm

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What are folks experience with the Fischer RX8 in a 180? I'm 6'4" and 220 lbs and have been skiing for more than 45 years. I generally prefer a slightly longer ski, but keep getting turned toward 175s in the curvier models by ski shop techs. I sometimes think this is because they do not have anything longer, but also recognize that the shaped designs work this way. Anyway, saw a pair of 180 RX8s on sale and wondered what people think about this ski at this length. Thanks.
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I think you will be happy with the 180. I ski the 175(5'9", 220-240).
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I sold a 175 to a guy very similar in size to you and he is happy with it. However, I'm 5-10/190 and ski the 175 also, so I think the 180 is a good choice. This is a wonderful ski with a lot of high end performance potential, but it's not a butt kicker either.

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Originally Posted by fischermh View Post
I think you will be happy with the 180. I ski the 175(5'9", 220-240).

I use my sons 175cm and it feels a little short at higher speeds and during longer GS type turns. I also use a 180 Fischer Scenio S500 and it not "too much" ski for me. I'm also 220 to 240.

You might be able to get a good price on the ski in this length if the seller has inventory, its not a popular seller in this size.

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I have 170 and 175, love em both....I've ski'd 165 extensively also very nice. The RX 8 is a great ski in any length, but the personality changes dramatically as the size changes....this is probably true of many models.....

Of the three I like the 175 best. Myself and others have made extensive comments on the topic here in this thread below...


Re the 180 if the price was right I would buy a pair in a second, and I am about 40 lbs less than you.

I say the same as others here....go for it

Should be awesome, esp at your size! My thought are the 180 might feel to you like the 170 feels to me....and it is a sweet ride indeed:
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Thanks all! Purchase made! Will let you know what I think when the snow flies!
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