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Help - Marker Duke Wanted

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Bears, I need your help.

Due do an amazing oversight, the Australia importer of Marker bindings has not imported enough of the Dukes and has none of the larger size (305-370mm model) in stock and will not be importing any more in this (southern hemisphere) season.

Can any of Bears help out pointing me to a retailer who who has stock and is willing to ship to Australia. So far my searchs have only turned up retailers who have them on backorder for September, which is a little late for here.
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As far as I know the Duke has not been released in the Northern Hemispere.

See post 11 here.
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Interesting tief as I know of people who acquired production Dukes through a TGR group buy. (Doh! - didn't look at link).
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We had an offer from Proctor Jones to get 10% off their prices by entering Barking Bear on any order in the coupon code. They sell the Duke.

Just curious, This DIN 16 binding is clearly more "bomber" than most of us need. What do you think about using a binding this heavy for touring? I would think this is a 80/20 resort/backcountry kind of deal.
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Cirquerider, I cretainly don't need a binding that goes up to DIN 16 (I rarely wind them up to 10!!!), however, I wanted a AT capable binding that was stiffer than the Fritschi Freeride Plus I have so that it is possible to travel with just one set of skis.

Marshal Olsen's review has sold me on them (the Duke):

The Dukes will be mounted on either a pair of Stockli Stormrider XXLs or Dynastar Legend 8800s, one of which will accompany me on a trip to Gulmarg (Kashmir) in February 2008.

Although the Duke is heavy (47.1 oz) , it is not significnatly heavier that the Naxo NX21 (42 oz) and only 11oz heavier that the Fritschi Freeride Plus (36 oz).

BTW, I currently have the Duke on back order with Proctor Jones (expected in September), but would really like them before so that I can use them this Australian winter.
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I'm in full agreement with you regarding binding flex. The Fritchi Freeride is relatively heavy as compared to a Dynafit and has enough flex to affect downhill performance pretty noticeably. I'm thinking of buying the Duke and selling the Freerides. One thing I think this does is define the class for an AT/sidecountry binding. For shorter hikes to access powder a relatively short distance from the boundary, this will be the bindng of choice and will perform the rest of the day in-bounds without compromise. For long tours, I think the Dynafits have really proven they offer the best compromise of weight, and downhill performance. The Markers are pricey and the group buy is looking pretty good. ptex1 has an affiliate supporter relationship at EpicSki (he can sell here), so might be worth sending a PM. I don't think anyone is going to have these available until your snow is a spring memory.
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Thanks Cirquerider, PM sent.
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"One thing I think this does is define the class for an AT/sidecountry binding. For shorter hikes to access powder a relatively short distance from the SNOWMOBILE, this will be the bindng of choice and will perform the rest of the day in-bounds without compromise."
(I just decided to name my next sled "boundary")

ANXOUSLY awaiting this binding! - PLEEEEEZ keep us posted! ! !
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Anyone still looking for Dukes? Better move soon.

Ptex1 (Tim) at Alpine High in Billings Montana had some in stock. He is a sponsor of EpicSki and ususally provides a good discount.

They are on the Proctor Jones site Don't forget 10% by entering Barking Bear.

SierraJim is selling them with skis at and usually offers supporters a discount.
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Email from Proctor Jones, the Dukes have arrived. As Cirq says, move quickly.
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Have just arrived (shipped from US to Oz). Thanks to Ken Jones Ski Mart, especially to Dawn-Marie for looking after me.

Initial observations:

- Construction is bomber
- Nice low stack height. Will not be sitting a couple of cm above the ski as I am with the Fritschi Freeride bindings
- They are not that heavy.

Now to mount them onto the Stormrider XXLs. Can't wait to try them in Gulmarg.
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Taxman, congrats on the new binders. I have some on order and haven't seen them yet.
In keeping with your name, how bad was the import duty and shipping?
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Thanks Cirque. I would imagine that yours will arrive very soon. No Import duty as purchase was less than $A1,000. With shipping, total cost was $US460. The Marker RRP list price for the Duke in Australia is $A775 ($US697 @ .90), so a considerable saving on purchasing here (well we do have a very small market).

Summer has arrived here with a vengence and the BC snow is melting very rapidly (Resorts closed 1st weekend in October). Unfortunatley this means I won't get a chance to use the bindings until I head to Gulmarg in February. Can't wait.
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