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Killington Season Pass after July 31th = $1149....OUCH!

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Lookie here's........



So, the unlimited Killington/Pico pass will go up by $150, as will the midweek pass. The Blackout pass will go up by $50, making it the same price/blackouts as the Stratton/Okemo/Sunapee pass at $649.

An ASC ALL41 GOLD pass was $725 until October 10th last year, good at 6 resorts. This represents a $425 or 60% increase from last year with a clear decrease in services and perks. SPEC-TACK-COULAAAAAR!!!!!

For comparisons with other resorts in the region, go here:


Quote of the day:

"Season pass sales to date have met our expectations since we announced them last month," said Dave Rathbun, director of marketing and sales for Killington Resort and Pico Mountain. "We encourage skiers and riders who have not purchased yet to take advantage of current prices and the summer payment plan option for Unlimited and Blackout Passes through July 31."
Oh really, Dave? So that would be why you're raising the price of the full pass so much, so everyone has to BUY RIGHT NOW to avoid getting completely ripped off??? Sounds like a GREAT PLAN!!! How are those late summer/early fall pass sales EXPECTED to go for you?
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And I thought it was bad when my local hill jumped their price by 50.00/season pass
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It's good to see you still monitoring the situation at Killington. I was worried that I would be the only one to boycott.

Rathburn had to change his expectations
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Again, no $$ from the Pugs. I won't even Mtnbike there this summer. I will either head up to Bush or down to Mt. Snow.
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I just posted this over on K-zone, and thought it should come here too.....

Umkay.....let us do a bit of simple math herea............

Pricing after July 31st:

Killington/Pico "Unlimited" Pass: $1149

Killington/Pico "Blackout" Pass: $649

Difference: $500

Blackout days: 18

Hummm.....now let's divide:

$500 / 18 = $27.77

Now....is anybody going to actually ski all 18 of those blackout days? Nah. No way in hell. What's more realistic? Hum. Maybe 5? Maybe 10? Lets peg it at....10. That would let you ski....the two Thankgiving blackout days, 5 days during Christmas week, plus 3 more days mid-season.....or however you would like to break it out. More dividing.....OMG, my head hurts!!!!

$500 / 10 = $50

Well now. $50 per day. Assuming you ski 10 blackout days...which is a little on the high side.

Now.......guess what you can get for roughly $50 a day.....or less:

- Day tickets for ANY resort in the east if bought pre-season through the Connecticut Ski Club, or any random discount program
- Day tickets to Pico at a regular price
- Day tickets to Killington through some sort of discount
- Half day tickets to Killington
- Day tickets to Magic
- Etc, etc, etc.

Anybody else see a problem here?

You know, just between us.......it seems like most of the skiers in the northeast are capable of doing simple math, all by themselves. Humm.....
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Plus, the followup:

Originally Posted by RENO the wanker
Are YOU buying a season pass? We've heard many MANY times from you how POWDR sucks and their prices suck, blah, blah, blah..., :roll: but are you buying a pass. :?
I was seriously considering the $999 pass, or buying the pass in the fall if it went up by only $50. But I'm not particularly interested in coughing up that kind of cash to ANYBODY unless I know what I'm getting, and have information/history/commitments to base that on. Since there's not been anything positive out of the resort, and we can't even determine if they know how to operate it - it's looking like they will run it worse than ASC. The prices are not particularly bad if taken in a vacuum, but the quality of product does not look promising, which means the value just isn't there for me. I see no reason to give them any signifigant amount of money at this time.

The two "least bad" options are the $999 full pass now vs. the $649 blackout pass prior to October 9th. That $350 is still a signifigant difference, which I can do alot with, if I'm up at Killington during those blackout days and want to ski Okemo, Pico, Stratton, Magic, Sugarbush, Mt. Snow, Stowe, or Jay. I have no problem throwing a couple hundred more on top of that for more day tickets. I get the impression that many of my friends who were considering a full pass, will probably not buy one - and will buy the $649 blackout pass instaid, as I probably will. So there will be plenty of people available to take day trips with originating at Killington, on those balckout weekends.

I'm about to drop signifigantly in excess of $2000 on a full share at a ski house at Killington, because there's a house I really want to be in, and I trust the people to give me a very good value for my dollar and a premium experience. I spend lots of money on skiing every year, in excess of $5000. Is Killington doing an effective job competing for those dollars.....NO.

Overall, everybody in the northeast is making decisions like these, right now - how, what, when, where and why they want to structure their skiing next year. Everyone has their own story - location, budget, housing options, skiing preference, etc. Killington is making it very easy right now to go elsewhere.......and anyone who's left is going to be actively pissed about being ripped off, if it turns out they are not getting much of anything more for the higher prices.
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HS, I really appreciate the time you've put into this information. I know it would definitely influence me if I were in the market to ski in that area.

So, Where WILL you be skiing in 2007-08?
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Sooo...you're about to spend 2k on a houe rental for the season, but you're not gonna get a pass???

Is that what I'm hearing from you?
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Sorry for the lack of clarity.

I will be at Killington, and in all likelyhood I will WAIT AND SEE, probably buying a $649 blackout pass to Killington/Pico this fall on Oct. 9th. Unless they give me a reason to decide that I really want to ski at least 7+ days at Killington on those Holiday weekends.....which is unlikely. I'll probably be up there anyway on those weekends, but ski a limited number of days there - maybe a couple at Killington on discounted tix, but mainly take day trips elsewhere - there's plenty of areas within striking distance. For a $350 to $550 difference between the two pass products, depending on when you buy, that gives alot of wiggle room for purchasing discount tix and going elsewhere.

Obviously, the people buying the $999/1149 pass have to ski on those holidays to make it worthwhile. There are some people in the market who do have a house up there, have those holiday weeks off and have get their skiing in during those times, and once they get up to Killington don't like to drive anywhere (people with a 4+ hour commute up there). I personally know a few people in that situation......but it is a very specific segment of the market. Pricing like this will get them to think twice about how they want to spend their holiday weeks..............
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That sounds like a really nice way to spend the winter. Home base and pass at Killington with a few trips when conditions (or spirit) warrant it.

Have a great winter.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
That sounds like a really nice way to spend the winter. Home base and pass at Killington with a few trips when conditions (or spirit) warrant it.

Have a great winter.
ThanKs man.....it was great being up at Stowe last year, but I never really got involved in the social scene....house was too far away. Killington still rocks in that respect - I've got the chance to be in the single best ski house there (IMHO), with a number of friends I've had for several years. So regardless of how bad they screw up on the mountain, we'll still have a good time. I got in 72 days last year, but I will probably only shoot for 50-60 this year.
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