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Speaking of dorks...

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Just got back from two days at Vail/BC.

It's so dork season at Vail.

Ya know folks, there's so much to be said for the little areas. When I say little, I mean the ones that feel like home.

Copper always feels like home to me. I can get so much skiing in there. I stop in and say hello to the guys at Solitude, check out Pinhed, maybe even see Skis&Golf (Oh yes, I see you - I always say hello but you can't hear me) Loveland and the Basin feel like home. Can't wait to ski the Basin again this year, great snow or not.

I may be a resident of Eagle County, but I think I'll end up at Copper and Highlands the most. Highlands, I can tell, is going to be my kinda place. The Beav is great and I love it there cuz I can ski alone. But, then I end up on the lift with some dork who thinks I'm impressed with their trophy house. Then, they get all uptight when I tell them that their trophy house is the reason why there's no damn snow! That they're stupid house is causing the temperature in valley to rise, which is the reason why Royal Elk is so damn boney!

It's not that Vail sucks. Hey, there's great skiing there. But darn. I really have to go "where they ain't" - chair 10 has become a favorite and I can hide in Champagne Glade too.

Nothing worse then ending up on a catwalk with the dorks. It's funny. People get so nervous when I'm skiing on one foot. This group of dorks yells at me yesterday - "Stop doing that, you're going to make me fall". Folks, what's so funny is that they were all behind me!

Hello! Skiers responsibility code!

But you'd all be pleased to know that I'm making progress. I didn't swear at them and I didn't follow them down, then ski up behind them and go, "Boo"! No Todd, no childish games (none that I'll admit to in public anyway ).

I just looked at them and said, "You're all a bunch of dorks".

Slider says it's the vortex.

If one more dork hits me in the head with the damn bar...

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Yep, I agree with you.

This pretty much sums it up: http://www.nwc.cog.co.us/census_2000.htm
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SCSA, are you turning into a purist on us? :

Better be careful or we may start calling you Gonzo II
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I think so, I think so.

I forgot to mention another thing that makes Copper feel so good.

...My buddy Tag lives there!

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hey he's got a long way to go, a lot of changes to make, if he's going to be Gonzo II.

and he lost his big chance at emulation (both on-snow and off) when I slagged out of the Fernie trip. Next year, SCSA!

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SCSA:
Just got back from two days at Vail/BC.

maybe even see Skis&Golf (Oh yes, I see you - I always say hello but you can't hear me)

Thanks for saying hello even if your just that red blur streaking by!!!

Big time spring break bookings and groups hit Copper starting Sunday. Looks like 6 days a week for awhile-and on the 7th day we golf (my first golf event of the season is April 8th-like I'll be ready for that)
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When you were speking of the dorks, were they speking back?
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The dorks were specking just before they crashed into each other and flew off the side of the catwalk. Then they were speking to the ski patrol as they loaded the sled I bet.

They speck, "Damn those one-legged bispeckled skiers! They get the last specks of powder."
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I tought I'd share. SCSA got me thinking about A Tale of Two Choads.

I was enjoying a sunny but crowded day of skiing with two friends at Winter Park. I pulled up to the side of a run above the Looking Glass lift in order to be sure my friends catch up before hitting the lift. This guy in his early twenties slid in front of me and with a smile asked me, “How do you stop when you are going fast?”
“Umm, do you know how to turn?”
“Ever take a lesson?”
“That would take the fun out of it!” he exclaimed with a big grin.
And with that I shook my head and eased my way down through the crowds to the lift.

The other encounter was up above treeline. My skis had been gliding fast all weekend. Even into a strong headwind I was catching and passing people. So I’m up in the Parsenne Bowl dropping down the EuroBomb to cross the shoulder on the cat track. I catch and glide by a group of four rental skiers on their left. About ten feet in front of the lead skier I decide to take a hard right and drop into the bowl. After two hard turns I brake to a stop to scope out a line down to the trees. To my surprise the lead skier is suddenly standing on my right. He looks at me with this disconcerted squint and asks “So, where’s the run?”

With a sweeping motion of my arm and through a big grin I say, “Everywhere!” and push off and speed away, leaving these four poorly skilled people standing there gaping at all of this snow they are not capable of dealing with.

You gotta wonder about some of these people. I am endlessly amused by other skiers but…
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Ahhh Dorks

I must say that skiing with SCSA does have its hazards ... like attracting dorks. I think he was a shepherd in his past life and the sheep are still nervous when they see one footed moves up ahead.

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It's the young dorks that make me nervous. The one that comes down with eagle arms and out of control. They're the ones that will slam into my 4ft tall, 5 yr old twins that ski across the fall line to control their speed.

Sometimes I want to (or have to) chase the dork down and read them the ski code in an up close and loud way.

We all know that experienced skiers are more likely to be injured by another skier than by hitting something ourselves. These days, I stand almost completely off the side of a trail to avoid reckless dorks that insist on skiing too close to me.

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Slider says it's the vortex.

A vortex of Interlopers,SCSA.
And by the way next time I'm buying.10-4.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Rossiman:
We all know that experienced skiers are more likely to be injured by another skier than by hitting something ourselves.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Debatable. I do not have injury statistics but of the 13 fatalities in Colorado this winter none where skier\skier\boarder collision.

But keep doing what ya doing to be safe.

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