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FS: 163 '05/'06 Head XRC1400Chip $175

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Hey all!

I got these on Ebay late spring and as it turned out they were from our very own Dawgcatching, however, a couple things have happened to me since I got them and I'm forced to part w/'em b4 skiing 'em:

1) I got into law school, which is about to seriously affect how much I can ski in the next few yrs and I'll be needing all the money I can muster!

2) I was surfing in El Salvador when that earthquake hit a few weeks ago off the coast of Guatemala. As the waves got insanely bigger and stronger and I was trying to get out of the Pacific, I fought against a crashing wave as I got to the beach and hurt my right knee. Unfortunately, it looks like I may need surgery.

I paid $175 for the XRCs and was just looking to recoup my money. They are still in plastic and I still have the original box they were shipped to me in from Scott. No bindings with 'em, but any Tyrolia RF2 binding will work.

I also have decided, again, to try and sell my 156 '04/'05 Head Monster iM75's w/SLD 11's. Although I know this is not a popular size/ski on this site, HOWEVER, if anyone has an advancing/growing teenager looking to explore all mtn, these might interest you for them. They were only used 7X and are in excellent condition. PM for pics. All serious offers considered.

Back to a 1-ski quiver for me Luckily, I love my iM88s

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Thats really cool that you were in the water when the earthquake hit. Puts you in a unique situation, sucks that you got hurt.

I read about a group of surfers AND a group of divers that both survived the 2004 tsunami because they were in deep enough water that it didn't break.
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PM Sent...Pix...

howdy, e,

i'm interested in the xrc's...i'm sure dawg sent you the correct gear but still would like to see a pix of just the top sheet for verification...

as for the surfin'...my wife's son moved from delware to maui just to surf. he's an electrical contractor & is building his 2nd home there worth over 2 big ones...not too shabby for a beach bum...and you'll mostly never got to that level as an attorney, a?!:

bummer 'bout the knee, too...


bruce marks
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XRCs are sold! Thx Bruce! and thx to all for the well wishes on my knee.

If anyone wants to shock me and make an offer on the iM75s, I'm all ears, otherwise they go to auction land Monday.

Thx again!
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