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It's Dumping

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It's dumping outside and I'm only about 250' above sea level. Heading to Crystal in the morning for freshies.
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I went to Stevens today. Awesome day. Soft snow everywhere. Waist deep powder. Not too crowded either. Demoed the Bandit XXX in 185. I think it's too much of a ski for me.

How was Crystal like? Haven't been up there at all this year.
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Mammoth Got about a foot...gotta go.
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Lucky, still avoiding weekends but heading up tomorrow. If you check in tonight, how was it? Also, you up there any time during the week this week? I'm going to try to put in two or three days this week. Just checked in after being away. Hard to find the time lately and takes to much reading to catch up.
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Stop gloating. French alps got another 10cm yesterday. For this season, that's a massive dump.
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It's dumping in Salt Lake; Alta ten inches and counting.. expecting 9-13" way out of work for me today, but tomorrow a.m. the voicemail will say"there's been a terrible blizzard and no one made it in today".. When I saw the posts for Mammoth and Steven's.. I was hoping we'd be next...
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Winds yesterday pushed the low expected amount to bottomless pow off Supreme lift at Alta yesterday! Strong winds kept a few of the main lifts closed on Sunday, and with lots of fresh, there were very short lines, usually less than one minute! People were just not there! Took many face shots in some deep pow yesterday!!! Why am I at work?
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I had a blast at Alta yesterday! I usually don't ski Supreme that much, but it was good.
Today will be EPIC!
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Finally, summer's back is broken! 7-10" in SoCal. The southern track may get some, Arizona Snowbowl (only oper 4 days) Taos (8 or 33 expert) etc....good luck down south!
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Ok. That is it. Until we get some snow in the East nobody is allowed to post dampage numbers that hit double digits. If you get 5 inches that is Ok to post that.
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Hey eug, this should make you happy then, taken from

We can't even get to our ski areas, big slid dangers! I think this storm could be an epic!!!

Monday, January 28th at 10:15am
Overnight Snowfall 16+ " Snowfall This Season: 310 "
Settled Snow at Mid-Mountain: 95 " Temperatures: Top: 11 o Bottom: 18 o

Forecast For Monday, January 28th
Sky Cover: Snowing, heavy at times
High Temp: 20 o
Winds: Moderate to strong S-SW
Expected Snowfall: 4-8 "
Today's Report:
Good morning! This is Alta’s snow report at 10:15am on Monday, January 28th.

Well, we've fallen victim to the paradox of Alta, skiers. We all wish for lots of snow, really deep snow to freshen things up and well, we got it. So much in fact that the road into the canyon has been closed for the day due to avalanche danger. In addition, the ski area will remain closed today for similar reasons. Although last night's forecast called for 4-8" overnight, we ended up with over 16". That new snow fell on top of 9" of new yesterday making for a considerable amount of snow. To make the mountain safe for everyone, we will remain closed while professional crews work out the danger. Last night’s new snow now makes total snowfall this season 310" and settled snow at mid-mountain now stands at 95".

Right now in Alta, it is snowing hard, winds are moderate out of the South and it’s 18 degrees here, at base.

Today’s forecast calls for another 4-8" possible, winds will be moderate to strong out of the Southwest and our high temperature right around 20 degrees. Tonight, 1-4" possible as snow decreases to flurries. Winds will gradually back down into the light range and become more Northerly and our low temperature near 10 degrees. The extended forecast calls for flurries into Tuesday with unsettled weather the rest of the week with more snow a possibility during that period.

The road into the Canyon is currently closed for avalanche control work. At this time, due to extremely heavy snow in the canyon and the results of avalanche control work, the road is not expected to open today. Crews will gather this afternoon to conduct more work and reevaluate the road but at this time, it is not advised that you wait for an opening. If you are an employee of the ski area, you are encouraged to contact you supervisor to get further instructions. This message will be update as we receive more information.

For more information about road conditions in Utah, you can call the UDOT road conditions hotline at 964-6000.

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ January 28, 2002 10:39 AM: Message edited 1 time, by AltaSkier ]</font>
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E-A-T M-E!!!

It's 71 degrees today, will be almost as warm tomorrow, and 50 and raining wed and thur.

It's warmer in DC than in So Cal!

Maybe I should go to a beach lovers (the Barking fish?) or golf website and gloat?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by JohnH:

My sentiments exactly. I can understand the road but to close the whole place down.
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The LCC road is the only way into and out of Snowbird and Alta. If it closes, nobody can get into or out of those resorts. However, the resort is closed due to avalance danger, better safe than sorry! I started a small slab avalanche inbounds yesterday with a cut above a run, the pack is not stable.

As far as your E-A-T M-E comment, I deserved that.
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That is what I meant. It must be really DUMPING to close resort.

Time to start wearing beacons and skiing with shovels.
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Wow, looks like the enire west is getting it today -- it's dumping here (again) today too!

Sorry east coast guys, but last year we kept hearing it from you . But hopefully things will pick up. Wouldn't it be awesome to see the weather map with 80% of the country, east and west, covered in white?
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Did I die? Somebody let me know, because heaven is white!!!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AltaSkier:
Did I die? Somebody let me know, because heaven is white!!!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

It's like what the Donner party said when they saw the ppl who had come to rescue them:

"Are you men from California or men from Heaven?"
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You say it's heaven, I say you're wrong. It may look like heaven, but it's not as good. It would be truly heaven for you if I was there.

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I think it just might have been heaven (even w/o you WTFH) up here in Park City today! I snuck in a couple of runs up at Deer Valley and ... it really didn't suck, no - it wasn't bad, no - it was pretty much 100% f$#king awesome.
Every run was waist deep, the kind where you had to find the steepest run possible and just enjoy the float.
O.K.,I know that this sounds like I'm rubbing it in, and I guess I am, but tomorrow I know I'll be sitting in the office reading about all the "epic" skiing going on then.
Make a few turns for me!
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When i got to work this am at 6am out. The Empire Canyon area of DV had close to 3 feet. I couldn't find my snowmobile
It was DeEp
: : : : : : :
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To everyone who has gotten snow or is getting it now... YOU SUCK.(even though you suck, would you mind making a couple turns for me tomorrow?) I'm stuck here in the land that snow forgot wishing I was somewhere else. If I have to look at our BROWN ski area one more day I'm gonna PUKE.

On another note, We had a big day today on our beginner hill.(sarcasm) We taught 7 people how to ski today!!! Business is booming! Rounds of single malt for all my friends. Whoooopieeee.

Gotta go stick a pencil in my neck.

Spag :
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At work today, i heard this guy complain to ski patrol, that they need to call out the groomers, so this guy could ski. The guy claims to be an expreanced skier.Would some one please tell me why then,why would he need the groomers to come back out? Mind you he was skiing off the northside Express, and for those who have skied off that lift,the runs aren't exactly nerve racking steep.
Hey Sphrrt, was you one of the lucky ones to get first chair on Empire, when patrol opend it at 2pm?

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I had just finished shoveling my driveway at 2 - actually it took from about noon until 1:30 with the walkway and all!

But, I did get over for an amazing shot down Sultan (1 beautiful shot down Grizzly) before everything on Bald went on wind hold.

We also made a bunch of passes through Triangle Trees, but our best was Ontario Bowl accessing it off of Quincy - almost too much snow with all the extra that had blown in!!!!

Man, it's gonna be tough hanging out at work tomorrow looking up at all the fantastic fluff up on the mountains, oh well, I guess I got mine...
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Well if it's any consulation, i'll be in the snow, but working. Have to be at work at 6am, to do my part for the games. But watch out on Thursday and Friday. I still get days off,, for now [img]smile.gif[/img]
Would you like me to write a note to your boss,i'm sure i can come up with a great excuse, for you not being in the office
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Well it's just hit Vail this morning and its coming down hard. The I-70 is a white brick road. With a little luck it will keep dumping all day and night and we may get the 18" forecast.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hey, I hear the breeze kicked up in Ireland, Scotland, and England. What's the report Mr. Hat.
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Well, it was a bit windy yesterday - gusts up to 90mph, so I'm told.
7 killed in Scotland, many trucks blown over, trees down etc.
This morning wasn't as bad, but I think there's more to come.

The fox nearly lost his hat!

Even more remarkable, it was windy enough to mess up my hair, and there's not much of it to mess!

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by TR@DV:

Would you like me to write a note to your boss,i'm sure i can come up with a great excuse, for you not being in the office

Thanks, that'd be nice, but I already got Mitt Romney to write my boss a really nice one to let me have the next 3 weeks off so I can go and play up at Snowbasin!
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Yesterday was an amazing day,Park City reported 33" of Powder,However in wind loaded areas It was at least 4 foot or more foot of snow.At the bottem of McConkey's it was so deep they had to dig the lift out.McConkey's, Jupiter lifts as well as Pioneer and King Con lifts were put on wind hold for most of the day.There was a report from ski patrol That early in the morning a snowcat got stuck in the snow and had to be pulled out by another snowcat.
This morning I woke to the sounds of Avolanche bombs going off and a crystal clear blue sky.So what am I doing here at work?Oh well I guess that someone has to keep the local economy going.Besides I have tommarow off.Can anyone guess what I will be doing on my day off?
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