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Hello all!

This my first time posting on this forum. Looks like I am heading to Chile for the month of August. I'm taking leave from my job in the Middle East and I look forward to snowy weather and getting away from ill-tempered people.

Any who, so far as the plan goes I have a plane ticket and 4x4 and I am going to see where things take me. I'm handy with a GPS. In addition, I am packing for blizzard and cramming enough money in my wallet for an all night boozer followed by a bed in five star hotel. Anything is possible, I am single and going alone- the only thing I am missing is my dog Kody who is my constant companion in Alaska (he's taking care of my mom in Washington at the moment).

If you have any suggestions or places you think I should stop in please post it. I will try to keep you guys updated with pictures of snowy scenic vistas and snow bunnies; or not snow bunnies maybe just bunnies. I here iPods are like toilet paper to Russians circa 1989. So I am taking a few Nano's with me as give aways.

Does anyone know if can take a Chilean rental car into Argentina?

Oh, so my quiver is a Rossi Z9, Vokl AC4, and a Rossi B4.