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Get out the BAB 4 Bumpfreaq's Chipotle Slaw!

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There were a few teasers posted in the Vs thread about Bumpfreaq's Chipotle Slaw, which sounds interesting to someone with my taste for food.
So, for the Fourth of July I pleaded with our new friend to share his super secret recipe. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed the minute I saw his direction. After all.........any recipe that starts out, "get out the BAB"(Big A** Bowl) is going to be good!!
Variations I made are listed at bottom
Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post
Happy Fourth y'all Thought I'd stop by and share this recipe for chipotle slaw with ya. It's yummy.

Nappa or Savoy cabbage 1 head
Red bell pepper 1
Yellow bell pepper 1
Carrots 2 or 3
Scallions 4
Chives 1 bunch
Celery 2 stalks
Cilantro 1 bunch
Mayo plenty
Chipotles in Adobo sauce 3 or 4 or 5 or 6….
Citrus 3 or 4 or 5 or 6….
Cider vinegar enough
Honey ½ cup or what ever tastes right to you
Salt to taste

So first, get out your BAB (big a** bowl) and commence to making little pieces of cabbage out of that BAC. I like to cut it in half right through the core then with each half make two long slices that cut everything but the core then start slicing pretty fine in a perpendicular fashion to the long slices. You’ll end up with a bunch of shreds about 1/8” thick and 2” or 3” long. I prefer all the other veggie to be pretty finely diced so have at it and throw it all in the BAB. Mince up the cilantro and toss that in there too.

The dressing is pretty simple really, you’re starting with creamy (mayo) then balancing the hot (chipotles) with the sweet (honey, citrus) and the sour (citrus, vinegar) so chop up those chipotles, mix it all together (you can do this in a separate bowl if you want) and start tasting. Once the smile on your face is big enough, mix it all together and share it with those lucky people that have invaded your house.

I like to eat this right away…. then again the next day and again the next day ‘cause unless you’ve got a slew of peeps to feed you’ll have a bit left over… and the taste and the texture change quite a bit each day, it’s fun!

Note on chipotles in adobo sauce: These come in little cans hopefully you can find them at your fave specialty foods store or in the international isle at the grocery. Chipotles are smoked jalapeños and the adobo is just a tomato sauce that keeps them soft and juicy. In my estimation, they’re pretty hot so you definitely have the potential to make this too hot for the uninitiated but if your audience has a taste for hot food you can use plenty…. they’re not that hot

Note on citrus: I like to use primarily lime with a little lemon. Orange is just fine if you’re the fruity type. If you use some grapefruit, let me know how it goes you rebel!
I was unable to find the chipotle in adobo at my local grocer and was not eager to hunt for them but since I grow my own jalapeños, and my father in law has a smoker, I happened to have some dried chipotle on hand. I ground up a bout 6 of them and used the powder to season the slaw.
I followed his recipe in every other way, including the BAB and the BAC, and I have to say, this is the most addicting slaw that has every crossed my lips.
Friends we spent time with on the weekend have requested the recipe!
Thanks Bumpfreaq for a Bad A** Slaw Recipe!
I give it
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My pleasure, as always. Glad you and yours enjoyed it.
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Oh and a bit of warning. If you use 6 dried chipotle ground up in this recipe, it will have some kick, and it WILL get better each day.
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