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Jeff Rich - U.S. Orthotic Ctr.: Anyone??

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I was thinking of going into Manhattan to see Jeff Rich of the U.S. Orthotic Ctr. for some custom footbeds.

I've read mostly good things, but have also heard a few negative comments. Has anyone ever dealt with him? I'd appreciate your comments.
You can send me a p.m. if you want.

I don't have many options around here, and if anybody has a recommendation on someone in the tri-state area who makes a good ski orthotic, and is knowledgeable in skiing biomechanics and stance alignment, please let me know.


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The guy is pretty overbearing and obnoxious. I can only take him in small doses. To you he may just seem like a fellow New Yorker. He's a good enough guy deep down and takes a good ribbing well. He also is extremely knowlegdeable, competent and capable.

I don't know what his price structure is like but I'm sure you'll walk out of there with a very good finished product.

He's pretty big on the under binding canting and I don't buy into that nearly as much as he likes to push it but he makes some good points about it. I tend to think he goes with too narrow a stance to assess his canting and will recommend cants even when he himself sees it as a muscle issue. I tend to recommend stretching and/or training before cants in that case. If you see a Chiropractor I'd visit him first since Jeff didn't seem to take that sort of temporary misalignment into consideration.

But cants aside as far as footbeds and boot work I think you'd be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable guy. Both from the medical aspect (he's board certified pedorthist) and skiing aspect (he's co authored and coordinated the SKI boot test for years.)
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I met him in February. I did not get footbed made by him at that time. The reason I met him was that I wanted to buy a new boots. When I demoed a pair of shaped skis with my old Koflac, I realized that the boots were too loose. I never felt that way with my old K2 skis.

So, I decided to buy a new pair of boots. Then, I saw Jeff's article on one of those ski magazines. During my visit to his office, he took a good look at my feet, took masurements and had me bend my feet and knees certain ways. Then, he recomended three different boots, but strongly recommended one model by saying "those were made for your feet." After I called more than 25 dealers, I found the model and now am happy with it.

My wife did the same thing earlier this month and bought new ones. She is happy too.

I was impressed with the fact that he can pick right kind of boots just by looking at the shape of my feet. And, he was confident.

He talked about footbed and gave me two options: to make a mold made so that duplicates can be made afterwards (more expensive for one, but if need more, cheaper per pair; or to make one without mold (cheaper for one, but more expensive if you end up making more).

I will visit Harald Harb's alignment center in Colorado next week when I attend one of his camps and have my footbeds made. I have never used footbed and am not sure how footbeds could help my skiing.
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