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Getting Around Breckenridge

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I will be in Breckenridge with a group of about 12-18 from Dec. 7-9. We're trying to decide where to rent a place. We want to get one of the many homes that are available, but aren't sure if it's important to find one in a particular area. Since we'll only be there 2 nights, proximity to the slopes isn't critical, but most if not all us plan to ski that Sat.

Is the area small enough such that it's pretty easy to get around? Is a home in the Highlands or Warrior's Mark West still reasonably close to the slopes and the downtown area for bars and restaurants?

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If you stay in the Warrior's Mark area, you are on the free ride route as well as within reasonable walking distance to Main Street and the slopes. With 12-18 people, I would think it would be difficult to shuttle people around in cars. I would also look at the many condos off 4 O Clock Rd which are a shorter walk from the lifts and also on the bus route.
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Yeah, I'd go with Warrior's Mark. Not too bad of a location. Combine that with the shuttles and I think you'll be fine.
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