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If you own property for rent - Read This

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EpicSki wants to help its members to make hook-ups for quality rentals at the best possible rates. Epic is one of the largest online community of skiers and has great reach for the target audience in resort rentals. This new section of the forums was created in part to help members make those connections and to provide space for feedback and ratings of resort accommodations. All supporters regardless of join date, and registered members with more than six months of participation may list their personal properties for rent.

Before advertising a commercial rental property we require that you CONTACT US with your request to obtain approval. The approval process generally consists of being an EpicSki Supporter, and an agreement to offer supporting members discount rates and prices. The following quote from the EpicSki Terms & Conditions relate to this requirement to obtain approval: As used here, commercial properties are generally managed by a property manager rather than the owner, and may consist of multiple units. Links to multiple rental listings will be deleted if prior approval is not received.

Posts or links designed to generate revenue from any skiing related activity—the sale of merchandise, offering of instruction, travel promotion, etc., are treated as affiliate relationships and we will negotiate them case-by-case. This policy applies to ‘free’ offers and promotional activities, as well as direct commercial overtures or transactional links.

So, if you are attempting to build a snow sports related business, grow your book of business as an instructor, or promote a travel or adventure activity, please contact us. We want to help you succeed and help the Epicski community discover you!
Thank you in advance for working with us.
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Cirque does affect me or am I grandfathered in?
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Josh, I don't think you have anything to worry about as a long-time supporter and participant in the forums.

The guidelines are really intended to let the site be aware of who is posting and control the scale of advertising. Keep in mind we have seen the spectrum of private owners with their own vacation home available for limited rental, to investor owned realty with hundreds of properties. We can help either of those be effective in making connections without letter this become spam central, but because of these differences, each case can be unique.

Replying to a posted request by a member (for example Stache who is seeking accommodations at Killington), doesn't fall under this guideline, and is part of the service intended by this section.
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The guidelines have been revised slightly to clearly allow supporters and members with more than one year of participation to post their personal properties for rent. Commercial listings are subject to administrative approval to avoid spam type advertising and help authenticate the posts.
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