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Barking Bear again

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Since it was always policy for Epic Ski Admin to announce new moderators, I feel it's only right to announce that starting tomorrow evening, I am relinquishing my duties as a moderator, to become "just a member-supporter" of the community again.

for the curious, there are a few reasons which i will not elaborate at this time, but mostly a need for me to leave a job I took for the ideals of betterment for Epic Ski and mostly improvements in the supporters lounge as a whole. I feel at this time of new policy and realignment of the forum layout, it might be a good time for me to step down.

that said, i hold in highest reguard, the moderation crew and the thankless job they do for Epic Ski. I've made some good friends there whom I will miss terribly, but expect to stay in touch with as a regular Bear. I've been here for 9 years, hopefully, I'll be here another 9 years. Hopefully, you will think of me as just that, another Bear. Thanks
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Let me be the first to say something you haven't heard enough, thanks for all you did.
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Lars, you will be missed in the mod discussion. I certainly hope to continue the friendship we've nurtured.
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Hey, anyone who can't be a friend to trekchick doesn't have a pulse. If there's a heaven, she will someday be there. The genuine article. That said . . .

Lars, we go back a long way, and I am the primary beneficiary of that. Please come to a ESA or Gathering so we can, at long last, ski together.
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I think the unintended consequence of moderation work, is that we sometimes forget to make the same contributions and effort in the forums. Whether its answering gear questions or even setting the tone for "self-moderation" the planning, policy and moderator discussions take away from our community involvement and leadership. Lars, you won't so much be missed as a moderator as you will be appreciated again as a member and supporter of a place we value and enjoy.

Thanks for your hard work for the last couple of years.
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Lars, I hope you will now get to enjoy the site you helped create, from the earliest days of its existence. You are not only USMC, but our own historical anchor. (And I for one will miss your tough love.)
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Lars thanks for all you have done here. Sorry I was such a pain in the a**.

I have a lot of respect for you.
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Not to be rude, but I never thought of you as anything BUT a regular Bear. Felicidades!
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Thanks everyone for the kind words.

This morning is a breath of fresh air.
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Its a trap! Lars is trying to go undercover but it says patroller next to his name still, can't fool me.
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Don't worry tief, they're pretty sharp in the moderator's lounge.

someone will pick up on it.
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Some of us are sharper than others.
Lars, I just couldn't quite make myself change it completely.
I was going to make your title "usta be a Mod Squadder" But I know how much you'd like that title :

I'm holding you to helping with the Supporter stuff we started!
I WILL hunt you down!
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I love my new title TC. Thanks. And thanks for not putting former mod squadder. Ugh! You know how I hated that.

I'll be out here in cyber spacedom somewhere.
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A belated thank you for all your efforts and exercising your responsibilities in a fair, balanced and suitably restrained manner.
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Lars - You were the first to welcome me to Epicski, however many years ago that was.

I have always appreciated your comments and insight, and also your efforts for the good of the site.

Thank you, and I am very glad you will be sticking around.
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