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Cure for the Summertime Blues

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I can't recall the term used on CNN, but I have a serious case of the 'I don't wannas'. Calling in well, playing hooky and heading up to the high country to escape the heat, to one of our favorite areas for camping, biking, hiking & frisbee golf, amongst the wildflowers, snow fed creeks and waterfalls with friends and family is great therapy.

At 10,500, rode by some trudging Hard Rock endurance racers at mile 85 and 32 hours into the race......brutal.:

Some shots to share.

BTW the snowflake is not CO's state flower.....this is:

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I see you are making fun of my summertime tag-line.

Looks like the summer bloom is doing well in your parts. We are close to peak bloom at the alpine elevations here in the Sierra as well.

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If the shoe fits.....

(Actually, the title was 'inspired' from piece on CNN described how in almost epidemic proportions, during the summer, we as a nation, tend to sneak out of work on Fridays and extend the weekends into Mondays, because of the 'summertime blues'.)

Not sure if my excursions are a cure rather than the incentive to call in well and seek 'therapy' way too frequently. :
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Is that a turquoise XJ Country edition I see? Rare color option.
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There are a few around here as they fit the southwestern theme. Now with new tires manifold, brakes, Sirius and other repairs, we're good for another 120k. :
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Wise man, good vehicle, probably the best SUV ever made, but you already know that. If you need any XJ tips, let me know, my handle just about everwhere else is XJguy.

Great pics by BTW.
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Thanks Richie-Rich,
I'm down to some nuisance items and looking for solutions to the exhaust banging on the the under carriage every time the Jeep starts or hits a bump & sealing the front vent windows.

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Ahhhhh.... Thanks, Terry!
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We're heading off Monday for a two week tour of the northern Rockies, from Glacier NP up to Jasper and then home. I can hardly wait.
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