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Bootfitters in Stowe, VT

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I'm looking to buy some new boots for this season, and will be up at Smuggler's Notch from 7/29 - 8/4. Any recommendation for an excellent bootfitter for women's ski boots in Stowe? So far, Mike from the Skier's Shop is the recommendation that I've received.
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unfortunately Benny Wax at Inner Bootworks closes his shop for the summer, he is excellent. Really, really excellent.
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Wait for Benny.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
unfortunately Benny Wax at Inner Bootworks closes his shop for the summer, he is excellent. Really, really excellent.
he's the man!!!
Benny rocks!!!
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He's in the phone book. If you call him, he will make an appointment.
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Thanks -- I now have his email and sent off an inquiry today. I appreciate the prompt feedback!
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Benny was who I was told to go to by a racing coach at Stowe.....my boots no longer hurt.
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Inner Bootworks Stowe :o)

Even though the bootshop is closed during the off season, I am available by appointment. You can email or call to see if we can set up an appointment some time. We have a decent inventory of last seasons boots. We open full time around Labor Day as the new boots arrive.

If you are touring around the Green Mountains feel free to give me a call.

802-253-6067 (Foot Foundations).

The days are getting shorter and there are about 18 weeks until Stowe opens

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Please either PM or e-mail me regarding Lola's foot beds that we did at ESA last year.

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Benny Wax is the man, INNER BOOT WORKS in STOWE is the place! I'm lucky enough in my travels to have met w/him and the top notch crew (@ IBW) over the years... Benny's a fellow LANGE booter and rippin skier for an old goat!!
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Thanks to all who responded. I touched base with Benny by email and am optimistic that I'll meet him at the end of the month when I'm local to Stowe. I'm going to bring my 2 daughters who ski with me to get fit as well. We just had 2 new pair of skis shipped to our house this weeek (Solomon Mynx twin tips for me and K-2 Missy twin tips for my almost 11 year old daughter) so we're getting psyched!
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More koudos for Benny

My wife purchased new boots from Benny this past season - and it is the best fit she has ever had. Got foodbeds too - had to adjust her stance a little and has really improved her skiing.
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I met with Benny Wax of Stowe, VT on Tuesday and purchased a great pair of boots with custom footbeds. I can see now how valuable a great bootfitter is and how my correct fitting and stance will help my performance this season. I also purchased a pair of new boots with (non-custom) footbeds for 2 of my daughters, ages 10 and 13, and no doubt they will have a great season (or two since the boots are sized to accomodate some growth) as well. Thanks to all of you Bears who suggested I meet with Benny.
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So what'd ja get?
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All '07 stuff:

Technica Attiva Ultrafit with custom footbeds for me -- the boots were adjusted for cuff pressure as well and I think they're gonna be great for all conditions. Super comfortable but definately a high performance boot. The fact that the footbeds are made to align my foot, ankle, and knee was pretty cool. I expect to improve a lot this season with such a good boot and footbed.

Nordica Supercharger junior boots for my step-daughter who will be 14 this season with a pre-made footbed. She's still a beginner and this will help her move to the next level. She lives in the midwest so she only gets about 6 or so days a season.

Solomon junior boots with a pre-made footbed for my soon to be 11 year old daughter who is ready to fly this season with her first pass to our local hill and a new pair of '08 K-2 Missy twin tips.

Then we went to Burlington on Thursday and spent some time at Burton, where I got my daughter who will be 14 this season a new snowboarding jacket and my soon to be 11 year old daughter a jacket and pants as she grew out of her old stuff at the end of last season.

And my husband bought new snowboarding boots and went to Benny yesterday for custom footbeds.

This left my stepson (who rides) feeling a little left out (he didn't need anything new this season) so he got a Burton hat.

Our oldest (age 20) doesn't ski or ride but her new boyfriend rides so she bought him a Burton t-shirt. I'm hoping that relationship works out so she can join us in our obsession!

And all in all, a great trip to Vermont and all shopping was ski or snowboard related! Can't wait for December for ESA Stowe. That mountain looks beautiful and driving by it all week whet my appetite for skiing.... I scoped out the Stoweflake and it looks pretty nice as well... Tried to stop by the ski museum today on the way home, but it was not yet open.
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Sounds like a nice experience, enjoy!
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Benny rocks. He fitted me with Salomon Scarletts at the end of last season with new liners. Took some getting used to but I LOVE them. Went 5 seasons in boots that turned by big toes black and killed my feet. My husband and I stay at the Stoweflake whenever we go up to Stowe. The spa's great for after ski and the 4:00 tea in the main lobby is great. Charlie B's good too for drinks after ski. Can't beat the Matterhorn for sushi!
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Hey Benny
love the Scarletts! You were right about getting used to them though!
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Originally Posted by robynb View Post
Hey Benny, love the Scarletts! You were right about getting used to them though!
Do you have Solomon Scarlet skis as well? I hear good things about them.
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Haven't tried the Scarlets. Presently skiing k-2 moto team skiis. Very fun and responsive but not so great in heavy crud. Have a pair of Solomon xscreams which I skiied for many seasons – they'd go through anything and were a blast.
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I've got 2 new pair of Solomon skis to try out this season that beckon to me from the racks on my wall. Bring it on!

Where do you ski in Vermont?
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Mainly Stowe. We were there last St. Patty's weekend and skied Stowe and Jay Peak. Got caught in the blizzard at Jay. Got frost-bite on my nose on the lift up but it was all worth it. The snow was incredible. Powder up to my knees. Much better than the conditions we got out west last year. If you can imagine that. I love Stowe. We go up at least once a year and I never get tired of the terrain.
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