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Server move. Bug Reports please.

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Again I must apologize for another painfully long unplanned outage.. The stability of the forum was getting worse and the move to the new server was not as smooth as it was planned.

Our current status.

The whole site has been moved to a new server.

The forums are up and running. Diagnostics run clean but I need your help checking for strange behavior. Please report any problems here or by sending me an email via the "contact us" form.

www.epicski.com is currently not working properly. jstraw is working on this

esa.epicski.com does appear to be working properly.

We have a few PM issues but they seem to be minor.

I still have the BOT's and Spyders listing turned off. If this runs stable for a few days I'll turn it back on.

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Note: the PM issue that I have noted is that the counter was off for a while due to a PM I received last night (I received the e-mail notification), but the PM isn't in my Inbox. I have alerted the sender. If someone sent you a PM during the database problems, it may have been lost.

David, thanks for your tireless work on these problems the past few days. I know that you've literally lost sleep over it. Thanks.
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Thanks to Jstraw, The main www.epicski.com mystery has been solved and is now working..

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Last night when I clicked on tabs it sent me to an error message. I went on for a bit around 9 pacific and I gave up . I assumed a build or repair of some sort was being undertaken . All seems well today
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around 9:00 was when I was franticly working on the server move.. You must have squeezed in during one of the short segments I had the system online (between reboots and backups)

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The Email process on the main contact us page as well as registration forms were not working after the server move.. I just got this working..

If you tried to send a registration form for ESA in the last day, you might want to resend it.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
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Hi dchan,

Does the fact I just re-received a PM from June 19th again, count as a bug? So far just the one...

Thanks for putting the pieces back together again everyone! I hope the glue holds
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Re-appearance of PM's might have been a corruption problem from before. When we moved servers we also did a complete repair/optimize of the database. If there was some corruption errors the system might have attempted to correct them so it's possible pm's that were deleted might have re-appeared.

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If I set internet preferences to warn me about a bug on the page I am viewing, it does that on the home page.
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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
If I set internet preferences to warn me about a bug on the page I am viewing, it does that on the home page.
The error relating to initializing the variable should be easy to fix. I have some scripting that highlights the appropriate tab at the top of each section and nothing is highlighted on the home page, hence the variable is not initialized on that page.
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Image generator (for registration and searches without being logged on) has been repaired.. Sorry for the trouble. (those of you trying to register)
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I've continued to monitor and tweak the settings trying to optimize the server and bandwidth usage..

Since I'm less than one network segment hop from the server and connected via a gigabit backbone, It's hard for me to gauge if the system is really running a lot better or just a bit better.

Any feedback on how the forum is performing for you would be appreciated.

Please tell me your location, (generally) what platform and browser you are using and what type of internet service you have.
Firewall and versions of OS and Browser would also help.


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Dchan, I've been finding a few threads with some of my old pics that were hosted on snowboard.com, are being prompted to enter a user name and password for that site.

It seems that something like this happened after one of the previous upgrades. Is there a fix for that?
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That would normally be their site, not ours.

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I've been having problems uploading/hosting images this morning. I've tried to post a few jpeg files and have got "not a valid image" response.

Is this just on my end?
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Dave, is this one of the symptoms?
Originally Posted by SugarCube View Post
I've been trying to post some new pics here, but not having any success. The pics are all .jpg files, but the 'manage attachments' feature is not recognizing the files as valid image files. Am I doing something wrong or missing a step? Thanks!
I tried uploading attachments under 100kb, and got the same error reported by SugarCube.
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This isn't Dave, but that is the exact problem.
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another test

I think I got it but I think it's a bug in Vbulletin.

I'm going to open a incident with Vbulletin but I have it working for now.

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