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My plan was looking sooooo good...

I had to be in Billings this week. Beartooth Pass is kinda-sorta on the way home to Jackson from Billings. The plan was to take my skis along and make some turns at the top of Beartooth on the way home today to qualify as my September skiing.

By the middle of the week, the plan was looking even better. Several inches of new snow fell at the top of Beartooth on Wednesday, so I figured I *might* even get a few semi-fresh tracks. Schweet.

The plan started looking dubious about noon today as I was driving from Billings to Red Lodge in a sideways-blowing, hard rain/sleet. The clouds were about five hundred feet off the deck and the temps were in the high thirties. Definitely yucky weather.

I got to Red Lodge and checked in with the Forest Service office. Sure enough, the highway department had just closed the pass because of heavy snow and they were expecting it to stay closed all day.


Snowed out of skiing.


That's just not right.
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this better not be an omen. last season there was a huge dump in CO ...remember... that closed some of the areas because of too much snow.

doing a century tomorrow ...probably gettin snowed on for that ride. go figure.
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Snowed out of skiing.

That is so Wrong.
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Dont be too surprised if the pass stays closed for the winter either. I dont think they are under any obligation to plow it after labor day.
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Whilst at Uni in '90 (UK) we had two Dry Slope ski races cancelled in one year beacuse of snow stopping the teams getting there!
As it seems to have all but stopped snowing in England since about '84 full stop this must rank as the best luck ever since as were on a grassy campus we didn't even have to travel to get our turns!
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