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Help for a Newbie?

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I'm trying to plan a special ski trip for my wife's Birthday next January (thought I'd get a head start), and I am overwhelmed by the number of places to go!
I'm looking for a place to spend 4-5 days in early January for two who have never donned a pair of skis before. Someplace that we can fly into and stay without a car (walk or bus to everthing). Need plenty of lessons, easy slopes, places to visit and shop, good restuarants, and above all reasonably priced (AKA: cheap!). HELP! I've been told everywhere from Winter Park, CO, to Snowmass, CO to Copper,CO or Salt Lake City UT.
Any experienced thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!
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Whistler/blackcomb if the exchange rate holds up. They usually get good coverage early.
Huge mountain with plenty of easy runs.

Skischools and rentals if they continue to do as they are now should be cheap. (online save's you some big bucks. The village is fairly large with lots of great restaurants and very reasonable/cheap. It's a kind of romantic place too. We had dinner at a nice casual dinner place. 7 people, 185.00 cdn after tax and tip. then with the exchange figure 120.00ish and too much food.

6 days of Highperformance rentals was 85.00 USD (skis only and this was an online pre-order rental)

The other thought might be Telluride (quaint little town. good terrain but it might be a little advanced) Prices were fair but not great.

Read on..
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go with Canada, you cannot beleive the bang on the buck. Fernie, Lake Louse/Sunshine Whislter...scenery and romance, nice hotel, what more could you ask for?

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DEFINITELY Whistler/Blackcomb. Check out the 3 or 4 day Ski Espirit. Full days of skiing, and you get to go all over the mountain. if your wife is a relatively new skier, request that Nadine teaches the class.
You fly into Vancouver, and a bus meets you at the airport. Once you are there, no need for a car. And since you are from Florida, you will not have any problems with the Altitude.

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