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Fare alerts

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Hi guys,

Heading to Canada via the US from Australia next February.

I will be flying into LAX with Qantas, but from there I will be buying internal flights LAX-Vegas-SFO-Kelowna-Vancouver-LAX.

I read on a searched thread about setting up a 'fare alert', but unsure how to go about it and which sites in the US/Canada are the bigger reputable sites to setup the alerts.

Any suggestions?

Also, is there a certain timeline strategy for buying the flights. Should I book now or wait until later in the year to get the best deal.

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Anybody ???
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All the cities you mentioned except Kelowna and Vancouver are served by Southwest Airlines. They run a no-frills "bus service" with frequent flights and open jaw or one way tickets are the same price as round trip. You can sign up on their site for "Ding" which will notify you of schedules. Also, it doesn't take but 10 trips to earn a free trip using their frequent flyer program.

Alaska / Horizon airlines serves all your U.S and Canadian destinations. Booking early will get you better fairs on non-refundable travel, but if you need flexibility refundable airfares are the way to go. Keep an eye out on the web site for deals.
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Thanks for the info.

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