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WTB Skis

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Need a pair of rock/teaching ski's. I'm going to teach at Silver Mt. Idaho again this year after taking last year off. To get to Silver you take a 28 minute Gondola ride from Kellogg up to the Mt. The catch is I will leave these ski's on top in a locker and won't have easy access to them if I ski somewhere else which I will do a lot. Its over an hour up and back and sometimes the Gondola is closed/wind. So I need a pair of rock/instructor/leave up on the hill ski's. Don't want to spend more than about $100. Thouht I'd post this and if that doesn't work I can go to ski swap in Couer d alene in Oct and pick up a pair.

I have as my ski's Fischer Race RC 170 and K2 Apache Outlaw 174 as my two main ski's. The Fischers would be good but don't want to leave on hill and don't want them as rock ski's and don't really need that good a ski to teach L1.

Anyway if anyone has some ski's I can basically ski on groomers. 170's I prefer. Don't favor a really stiff ski, run a DIN of 8. I'm a good skier, 190, 5'11 old fart. Ski everything except for ultra steeps (age showing).

I'd appreciate a little description of how they ski,. also. Thanks Pete
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I've got some 172cm Line Mothership Flite's. Been drilled twice (once w/Naxo's and currently w/Rossi Scratch's for a BSL of 330mm -2.5 from center). Edges are in great shape and no core shots, but some deeper gouges. Top sheets have normal scratching and the white tops are starting to fade to an off-white color.

They ski short, as they are a full twin, but they are soft in the tip and ski pretty damn good in the bumps for a ski with 90mm waiste.

I'm thinking $80 plus shipping w/out binders.

I really do love the skis, but they are too short for me. I'd love to get a another pair, in a longer size, but that'll probably not happen as they'd just be serious overlap in my current quiver.

Let me know.

P.S. On the tails the graphic is of a bikini clad woman (only shows from the waste up) in water holding a ghetto blaster...Some people take offense to this and maybe an issue if using to teach kids.
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Sorry Pete, you can't have those RX9s back just yet.

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Stevesmith7. Yeah who would of thought - seemed like a good idea at the time - ad nauseum. I am laughing though - at myself. Hope you like them.
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wtb Skis

Friday 9 PM Cancel bought some today.
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Originally Posted by Pete No. Idaho View Post
Friday 9 PM Cancel bought some today.
What did you get , Pete ?
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