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Apache Recon/Outlaw Length

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I have a sniff on some cheap Recon or Outlaws, but I can find no info, anywhere (including the K2 website), on suggested length.

I'm 5'11, 150 lbs (I know, I need to eat more) and am a strong intermediate skier looking to improve.

The skis are available in:
Recon: 160, 181
Outlaw: 174, 181

I usually ski 170-175, but I arrived at that level before the days of shaped skis and have never really adjusted. I'm tempted to get the Outlaws because the length is what I'm used to, but from the ski profile I suspect the Recon is a better fit for me.

Thanks for any help.
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I really think the shortest you'd want to go would be the 167. I am a strong skier, 5'8" 155 pounds, female and I ski a Recon in 167. I haven't skied the Outlaw, but everyone I know who has it loves it. I wish it came a bit shorter than 167 for me tho. What type of terrain are you going to be on? If off piste and you HAVE to have this ski, maybe the 160 would be fine in the trees, but nix it for pow days and speed. The 174 in the Outlaw MIGHT be a bit much unless you learn to push the ski.

Short version: pay a bit more and get the right length.
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Thanks for the quick response!

Your absolutely right that buying a ski in the wrong length is a bad idea, no matter how cheap. The trouble is, I'm looking to buy because I found a good deal, and spending more isn't really an option (I just spent a bunch on a couple of nordic ski sets). So it's one of these or nothing.

The 181s will be way too long for me, and the 160 too short, so I guess that leaves the Outlaw 174. I know it's probably too much ski for me (I'm just starting to venture off-piste, although I love moguls. I've never skied real deep powder), but I'm thinking positively that it's a ski that I will grow into. Am I going to hate it on-piste, though?

Alternatively, I can spend a little more and get Völkl Karma 169s. A better option?
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I have never skied the Outlaws or Karmas, so I can't comment on them, but the generally accepted lengths for a midfat, all-terrain ski for someone your size are about 168-175. The Recon would be versatile and the appropriate width and stiffness for your size. How a ski feels is extremely dependent on its length relative to your height and, especially, weight. I would be very hesitant to pick a ski outside of the appropriate range. What good is buying a ski that's cheap if you're miserable on it? Can you pick up a used demo in good shape for the price you can afford? "Growing into" a ski is not something I'd count on. And if, by some miracle, it happened, you've wasted months being unhappy on an inappropriate ski that you may need to replace by that time! I suggest you keep looking. Good luck!
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PS: Just checked the K2 site. The Outlaws have an 88 waist and are designed for 70% off piste. That does not sound like what you are looking for.
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I wouldn't go for the Karmas in a 169. Keep in mind that they are twin tips, so the running length will be shorter. I'm 5'8" tall and 175 lbs and ski Karmas in a 177.
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If I were you, I'd go longer instead of shorter. You sound like you're looking to improve, so get something that you can grow into, ability wise, and will challenge you to be a better skier.
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Ami in Berlin. Guten Tag. I have the K2 Outlaws in 174. I am 5'11 190lbs. Use skis for off piste and powder. Very damp ski,good in powder and off piste. Also remarkably good on groomers (medium radius turns and biggger). Very predictable tracking ski. 174 ski is actually a little longer as thats the way K2 (chinese guys and gals from soouther China) measure the length. Your size etc. I'd say 174 might be a little long.

I was in Berlin in 61/62 when the Wall was built. Loved the city, very fond memories of the Kurferstendamn, Am Zoo etc. Where do you ski?

Any other Questions on Outlaws shoot away and I'll check back. Pete
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I'm 165, advanced, found the Outlaw 174 about right for backside and ripping groomed. Since your ability to bend a ski is a function of your mass and your speed, I'd guess as a lighter intermediate you'd find it a little long but OK as long as you kept your speed up. At slower speeds especially in chop or pow, it'll still feel smooth, but will turn like an ocean liner. Otherwise, a nice ski, but a Recon would be more versatile, better to advance on. My advice would be to bite the bullet, wait until a 174 Recon comes along. Which is still a bit long for you, but very doable, much more fun in tight places.
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