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Using the Quick Start Pass in Park City?

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We just booked our annual ski vacation and will be going to Solitude (no comments required as it's our fourth year in a row and our children are addicted to its various charms - outdoor heated pool as well as ski wise). However we get in to SLC at 10:55 and we are wondering about trying the quick start to check out the Park City side the first day.
So I have some questions;
1) Can you get over there and on the slopes in time to make it work with a 10:55 arrival? We'll need to pick up our car rental at the airport and rent skis although we can reserve those in advance.
2) Do all the Park City resorts close at the same time?
3) Access to a ski rental shop would be a factor - I see Park City Resort has several offering good prices on ski packages for reservations ahead. I'd like to try Deer Valley for the grooming with my middle age knees, but the rental shop there is not surprisingly very expensive - are there independent ski rental places convenient for there too?
4) Otherwise is one of the resorts easier than the others for using this pass for any reason?
Thanks for your help!
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I have used the Quick start many times. I usually get in about 10:30am and am on slopes by 12:30 at latest. However, that's 2 adult males as opposed to kids. Also, we don't have to rent. However, if you're efficient with your time you could be on the Canyons slopes by 1pm. I would rent in downtown SLC as opposed to Solitude, assuming you're going to end up at Solitude. Also, make sure you have your various ski clothes well organized and easy to get to. Especially with kids. I like to use the Quick Start for Deer Valley as it's the most expensive, but it is about 15 minutes further than The Canyons. Depends on how you're doing on time.
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I've done it 5 or 6 times now and its definitely worth it...how can free skiing not be? All but the last time I was by myself - doing it with what I would guess were younger kids than yours was definitely more difficult.

Depending on when you're there, PCMR has a lift or 2 open for night skiing which makes that an attractive option for the Quick Start...or so I thought until I realized around 5ish that waking up ~16 hours earlier to catch my flight and my body's adjustment to the 6000+ ft elevation gain was having a significant effect by that point and I didn't want that to negatively impact the rest of my trip.

Even though its the first resort you hit, I hate the annoying trip from the parking lot to actual skiing at The Canyons, as its proximity doesn't actually get you skiing earlier than the further resorts, so I'm somewhat biased against it. God forbid you forget something in the car...and with kids, that's a safe bet. But the skiing there can be very good.

Deer Valley's a good choice as its the best value for free vs. regular lift ticket rate and you can grab a very good lunch before you hit the slopes. But it is the furthest from the airport.

I don't have any experience with rentals, but I'd suggest reserving them in advance somewhere at the mountain to save time, unless you're going to take advantage of the PCMR night skiing option which makes time less of an issue.
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For rentals try either of these stores...you could buy your lift tickets there at a discount as well. I brought my own equipment but did get my left tickets at Canyon Sports Cottonwood Heights store.



Both have convenient locations in and around SLC.
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Good info, but also be aware that there are a number of black out days for the QS program, be sure to check the PC chamber site at parkcityinfo.com and also be sure to fill out and print the redemption forms before you get here (much quicker and friendlier at the ticket window this way)!
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