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New ski advice

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For the first time in my life I find myself asking instead of giving advice about ski gear. I have skied for decades and been an instructor, racer and coach and skied racing skis until about 9 years ago. I ski mostly in on hard snow and occasionally in soft western snow but I would buy another pair for those conditions.

I got very sick 2 years ago and became a quadriplegic for a few months. Fortunately, I was able to rehabilitate and I am trying to return to my former activities including skiing and climbing. I still hope to fully recover but the jury is still out on that and it might take another 1-2 years of rehab to find out.

Before getting sick I was skiing Volkl 6 stars, Atomic SX11, and had a pair of Dynamic 8000s. Basically, I could ski anything and chose the skis that fit my skiing and the terrain. My skiing was precise and very dynamic and I looked for edge hold, rebound, and predictability in skis. I am sure I will be much less athletic than before but I believe my skill level will be the same.

I have always liked Volkls and am tempted to get the new Tigersharks.

Any comments and suggestions?

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I would just ski my old skis.
If your thinking you might not have enough strength to bend the atomics and still want to get some bend into your skis, try a Solomon Equipe. They won't feel as solid, but they will grip.
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Problem is that I sold all my skis when I was sick. 1 was an unmounted Allstar, the Dynastars with 1 day of skiing and the Atomics. I am strong enough to bend anything but have some unusual muscle weakness and will not be able to ski as fast or dynamically. This winter will be easy and groomed until I get stronger and more confident.
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I tested the Tigershark and liked it a lot. In the "soft" setting you might really like it, and could go to the "stiff" setting as you regain confidence. Try and demo a pair this next season.

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How about something a bit more forgiving for this season and then when your ready, move up? How about something like a Head 72, Fischer RX8 AC-2/3 or the new Head 78?
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I think that your idea about the Tigershark is spot on. The technology flat out works. I have skied both the 10' and 12' quite a bit and the switch allows you the option of taming the ski (or not) at any moment. With the switch on, it will grip better than your old 6* and be more damp. With the switch off, it takes the edge off of the rebound energy and makes the ski somewhat easier to initiate especially in funky 3-D snow conditions. This is not magic and it is not like having two completely different skis but the difference that is there provides an advantage.

While much of the buzz will be around the 12', I think that the 10' is the better ski for most folks (including myself). The 10' is lighter, somewhat narrower, quite a bit more nimble, and will be easier to manage. These are not great soft snow skis anyway (better than your 6* though) and the extra width of the 12' does not really offer much improvement in soft snow. Given that you will get a soft snow oriented ski at some time in the future anyway, I'd suggest making your life a little easier at the start.

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I am not nearly as experienced as many here or even as you for that matter. But I think that intuitively it would be easier for you to get back into skiing with equipement that you are already very familiar with, that being said buying ski that are similar to what you had might help you get your mojo back quicker. Good luck.
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Dude, I have tons of skis, many with demo bindings. Your welcome to use anything I've got. I am right down the Prairie Path in Wayne. Just let me know when your ready.
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now that's a good offer....
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Wishing good things for you in your comeback. I'm intrigued with the Tigershark for no other reason than I eye balled it every day walking past it this spring in Vail where Pepi's had it sitting outside his shop. If it skis as good as it looks it's a winner.
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Of all the '08 models that I was showing in the store this spring, that was the one that got the vast majority of looks and touches. Very few knew anything about the technology until I 'splained it. While the blingy (tech term) look appealed to some and not to others, the concept of being able to easily take the edge (so to speak) off of an otherwise demanding ski was accepted by almost everybody.

I will be well and truly shocked if this is not a runaway winner in magazine reviews and very probably an SOY winner.

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That system is very interesting; cool concept.
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Thanks for your responses. Since I sold all my old skis I will have to buy and Volkls have been my skis of choice for and recreational.

Probably will just get the Tigershark 10 ski without the adjustments as they only add weight and I have talked to several people I respect who skied them and did not buy into it. The 10 might be the best ski for me at least for this year. Should have no problem skiing but I want to make this as painless as possible. I might never be as strong as before but I should get stronger than I am now.

Thanks again for the suggestions and comments.
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