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Hidden Valley, NJ up for sale?

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I recently heard that Hidden Valley in Vernon, NJ has (finally) gone up for sale after countless seasons with no crowds. Anyone have any more info on this? I'm having trouble finding anything. I wonder if Mtn Creek would be interested? Probably not.
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Rob you may want to also try your question on this forum: http://forums.alpinezone.com/northea...oarding-forum/
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Kinda' sad. I had only been to a race there a few years ago but they struck me as a nice family oriented and quiet area.

Had the race cut short because of thunder and lightning that came through but they said to come back any time for a free ski day on the house.

I'd rather ski small and quiet than bang, glitter, glitz and crowds.

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Hidden Valley has been on the sale block for a couple of years now. Last year, the owners even tried selling the place on eBay, to no avail. It is currently on the block for sheriff's sale due to unpaid property taxes. The sheriff's sale has been postponed several times, most recently scheduled to have occurred just this week. Article in the local paper here says that the sheriff's sale had been postponed until July 16. I haven't heard what happened on that date or if it has been postponed again. There is a quote from a sheriff's department spokesman that says the snowmaking equipment has already been repossessed.

A local, Sussex County group has express interest in the purchase but that is contingent on their getting state approval to build a hotel, add tubing runs and a summer sports camp. The property lies within the Highlands preservation area, which limits development of the property.

here's a link to the most recent article from the local weekly newspaper
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When Intrawest bought VV/GG rumor had it that they also made an offer to the owners of Hidden Valley. They were going to use it as the race venue. If true HV should have said yes to the offer.

Good luck on getting anything approved in the Highlands area.
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