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After a long dry August, there was snow in the mountains west of Calgary today.

Not a lot, but beautiful just the same.

Don't delay, Ullr is listening (I hope)!
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The mountains here in Idaho were white thursday morning as well. Does anyone have any good web sites for tracking early snow fall and snow base measurements. Most of the ski areas web sites don't start posting snow measurements until they open. I've found a few good weather and snow sites during the regular season, but haven't done well during the fall. I seemed to have missed all the early snow in Utah last year.


Jim from Idaho
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Jim - Have you tried Resort Scene and Weather right here at EpicSki. Can't say I spend much time in either, but you might give it a try.

When the season gets closer, post in the resorts forum. No doubt you'll get an honest answer, from someone who's been there.
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Hey Jimmy saw that myself this morning too on my way to the Sport Check $99 ski sale. Good sign as those mountains have been looking really dry.
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Ullr's teasing Southwest Montana also. There is snow on the Bridgers, Spanish Peaks, Hyalite and Madison mountains. Both Bridger Bowl & Big Sky got a few inches. Skiing is still 2 1/2 to 3 months away, though.
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Sept. 6, first snow in Vail and other areas of the CO Rockies. Not long now!!!!

Ski fast, take chances!
This is a lifestyle NOT just a sport!

Volkl G31, Salomon 912pe, Salomon Performa Equipe 9.0
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O'Niel Pass in the Black Hills of South Dakota (7200') just got a smattering of the white stuff last night. Won't be long now
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Doug - I'll check out the sale tomorrow. Kids are not quite full grown yet, so that's the way to get skis for them.

Got myself and daughter new helmets last week, at Ski Cellar.
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