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Sierra Trading Post and Spyder

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What is the story on Sierra Trading Post? For more than one item, the jacket pictured on their site differs from jackets of the same name on other sites. Below is an example, but I have found the same issue for other jackets:

Spyder Lethal 3 in 1 on Sierra Trading Post

Spyder Lethal 3 in 1 on I Ski Shop.com

Spyder Lethal 3 in 1 on Alpine Ski Center

Spyder Lethal 3 in 1 on Ski Pro

Spyder Lethal 3 in 1 on Bob's Sea and Ski

Only on one other site did I see a Spyder Lethal Jacket similar to the one on Sierra Trading Post. I found the same issue with a number of their jackets.
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I can't vouch for their proofreading of jacket names... but have ordered several items from Sierra TP, and have always gotten what we ordered and been satisfied. They do deal in factory seconds, outgoing models, etc.... but don't know if that would explain this glitch.

If the price is attractive, may be worth a direct call to ask whattup?
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The price differences aren't that much, but I am worried that they are dealing in knock-offs. I am not particularly interested in this jacket, but have found a consistent pattern with their "Spyder" merchandise.
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Hmmmmm, somthing to keep eyes on.... thanks.

Now that I think about it, I don't know that we've ordered much where brand mattered... so probably didn't pay much attention.
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Model year?

The lack of Nail Head weave on high wear areas would be a deal breaker for me.
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Second comprex's suggestion that it may be a model year issue.

I've bought Spyder from STP. They are not knockoffs. STP is too high-profile to do that, even if they were inclined to do so (and I can't believe they are).
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STP does lots of business selling models from previous years and overruns. Sometimes the overruns appear to be models for markets outside the US. Everything I've purchased from them has been authentic & their return policy has been superb.
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And second Rio's comment about their return policy.

I called them a year ago to ask whether they were an official Salomon dealer, because I was nearing the end of the five-year warranty on my Scream 8 Pilots. The rep said they were, but then pointed out that if I have a problem with them, even after the warranty ends, I can always return them for full credit. (Which, of course, I won't -- but it's hard to imagine many other companies that would volunteer that.)
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I don't find slight discrepancies in styling and construction surprising with Spyder products. I honestly don't think I'm full of it.

While they make generally exceptional products, I find Spyder less than par with its merchandising and inventory when it comes to number and model (re)assignments. The chances are they are genuine if they come from STP.

About 2 years ago, I order a jacket directly from Spyder through our ski club after trying it out at a ski shop. The actual jacket that I received was different in material (in feel and touch) that the one I fitted. In addition, Spyder tends to reuse their 4-digit part number for products from different years.
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