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Old story - which skis

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Last year i purchased some much researched highly recommended dynastar legend 8000's in 172cm size.

Now my last pair of skiis im sure i bought too big at 188 so i took my local ski shops advice and went smaller, much smaller to 172.

Im 188cm tall and weigh 88kg, which i think is about 196 pounds.

Im an aggressive skiier, love all conditions, but am from australia so we dont have much powder - although i do ski overseas.

I dont like having more than one ski at a time, although i think i might need to, considering my OS trips(going to Jackson hole for two weeks end of year).

I love getting off piste and hitting the moguls and trees. But as i said i ski all mountain so groomers are obviously included in that.

I would say im a level 8-9 skiier(probably more 8 than 9), could probably use some more lessons to tidy up my style.

My issue is that i think i dont have enough support for skiing high speed or the crud/ice. Although i enjoy having shorter skiis when the surroundings get sketchy and i need to make quick turns.

Any advice on which pair of skiis to get for an aggressive all rounder, been thinking of twin tips for some added fun, or not.

Hope thats enough info for you guys.

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Pick up an 180 cm SX12 for high speed icy crud.

I think the 8000s, being a softer more all-purpose ski could have done you better in 190, but you already said you found 188 too long. So like Goldilocks and the three bears, you have to find the one that's just right. You might want to trade in the 172 on something closer to 180.
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Hi, Fint.

You got the 8000's last season but you don't really say whether you've skied them. And if you have skied them, what did you think? I would tend to agree with Ghost that a 172cm might be a little short in that ski for your weight, but if you've skied them and liked them, then that's great. The 8000 is a wonderful all-around ski.

I think a 180-ish twin tip would be a fun addition for you. There are literally dozens of models out there that you would probably like. I'm affiliated with Head skis, so I'll suggest the Mojo 90 in a 186cm (it "feels" significantly shorter than 186). If you like your Dynastars, the Dynastar Big Trouble is also a fun ski.

Good luck in your search.

And finally, pm me in December if you'd like to hook up for a turn or two when you're in Jackson Hole.
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You have a good pair of skis but it is certainly too short for a near niner at your weight. You say you want only one pr. of skis....if so, then the twin tip idea is not such a good one becuase it will sacrifice too much of what you need for the conditions that you ski the most. As I see it, you have two possible directions.

One, if as you originally stated, you want one pr. of skis, then a Longer 8k would be a good call. A 178 should be minimum and a 184 would not be out of line. You could also think about a stiffer ski of a similar shape to the 8K. One that comes immediately to mind is the Nordica Top Fuel. A 178 should be planty of length in this model.

OTH....if you decide to change your story towards more than one pair of skis, then a wider twin makes at least some sense. You will however, still have to replace the 8K 172 because most twins will not be dramatically more stable than the 8K unless you go pretty long.

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177 volkl mantras?

comprable stiffness, wide-ish, not monsterous, and theyre not too hard to make work
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