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Help a family out...

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Originally posted by a buddy on another forum. Cross posted for a good cause. It's legit.

I don't normally post NFR subjects but this is perty close to home and a very good friend is in dire need. This isnt spam, its for real. TIA for your interest

Marco has always been a hard worker and one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He married my twin sister in 2001 and is a welcome addition to our family.
In August of 2006 he was diagnosed with a grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme, which is the most aggressive form of brain cancer known to man.
Marco tried to work after he was first diagnosed, so that he could provide for his family which now includes a now 3 year old little girl. However, his health has declined and is now dependant on a wheel chair to help get him around.
They now rely on his disability payments, which isn’t much, to pay their mortgage and their necessities. My sister, Janie, is unable to work as it is a full time job taking care of Marco and their three year old daughter Gabriella. Having their mortgage paid for a year would definitely help them out a lot.
Janie and Marco are always willing to help anyone out with anything they can. It would be great if they could have help with their mortgage.

UPDATE - As you know Marco passed away on June 27.

Sydney Financial group is having a contest for Utah residents where you nominate someone and they will pay for their mortgage for one year. I nominated Janie and Marco but unfortunately Marco passed away just 2 weeks after being nominated. Janie and Marco have been chosen to be one of the 3 contestants.

Here's how it works .. you go to and scroll down to Janie's name. Each email address you have counts as one vote. So please tell ALL of your friends .. no matter where they live .. as long as you have an email address, you can vote!!

Thank you!!!
PS .. Please send this to anyone and everyone you can think of!!
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The link is not working
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The link worked for me. Happy to vote.
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I voted and will vote a couple more times.
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She won.
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