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Need some new boots

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My current boot is the Lange Comp 100, I like the way it fits, but it feels way
too soft for me, I was thinking of replacing it with the Lange WC 130. I found a some in my size for $149 at this site:


that seems like a pretty good deal, but could someone tell me what they mean by "assembly required"? does Lange really make boots with 2 different interchangeable cuffs, or are these guys on crack?

I also saw some Fischer F9000s on ebay for cheap, can anyone tell me anything about these? For instance, how does the fit and stiffness compare to the Langes? My knees tend to track to the inside when I flex into my boots, so the abducted stance thing has me curious. I also have skinny ankles and a narrow heel, with a fairly wide forefoot, I did need the toe box stretched in my current boots, but they hold my heel better than any others that I tried on, do any of the other brands fit like that in the heel? Thanks in advance for any input.
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I am not a bootfitter, but my understanding is that the boots stiffness can be adjusted by using different components. Cuff and lower boot stiffness is/was grades by a letter system. a, b, c, etc. So a skier could put together a boot with a stiff cuff and soft lower, or any other combination.

The boots that are advertised are plugs. Plugs are made with thicker plastic and in general are not anatomically shaped. The bootfitter grinds out the plastic to fit your foot. In general with plugs you want to downsize one to two sizes. When shell fit, you want little or no room behind the heel.

You may want to check out this boot as well:

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Thanks for the link, the sole length is about 17mm shorter than my current boots, which are close to a one-finger shell fit, so i'd be reluctant to grab those without trying them on.
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The Lange Comp 130 is not a plug, it is a pro-sumer boot. It has the replaceable toe/heel lugs (the Plug does not) it is also the Lange narrow fit vs. the Comp 100's medium fit.

It does come as a 'kit' the upper cuff and all the hardware has to be installed, this allows easy customization.
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You may be right, but the ad(which is no longer available, maybe sold out) said it was a plug.
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if you like the fit of the 100, but just want it stiffer, get the 120 MF (it came in the LF too) LF = low volume = 130 and some 120's

MF = comp 100 and most 120's
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