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Slalom Skis on a Buget

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Hi I am a 15 year old who races for my school. I only have about $300 for a pair of SL skis. I really want the 03 SLX's (but will take any good pair of SL skis). Could I buy the ones used for demoing? Could someone please contact a rep and see what price they could give? I need around 150-155cm.

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Hey, my advice is to get ahold of a rep now and find out if you are able to get proform prices. Being that you are a member of a race program i dont see why not. Find out who the Elan rep for your area or region is and contact them now to find out if you can get skis from them. The proform price on Elan SLX's is $300 (no bindings no plates, and that is for a race stock ski). For this next season ill be on a 154 SLX, i just put my order in for a few pairs yesterday. If you are in the northeast area i may be able to give you the name and # of one fo the Elan reps that i know. If you are interested let me know.
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Great, I am in Massachusetts and race on a very small "hill." The thing is that is is pretty steep. It is called Blue Hills.

I would appreciate the phone number for the rep.

Is there any other good slalom skis that give alot of power from turn to turn?

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I've found the best ski deals are on ebay. There are a lot of year or 2 old models still new, never used sold for a couple hundred bucks. Slalom skis are in there frequently. Lots of used, good condition race skis with bindings too. There are several new Salomon 3v's in there now. I have seen older model SLX's.
I got a new Atomic 11.20 for $419 this year and I'm looking for slaloms too. I'm just hesitant to buy a year old model and then be mad I didn't wait for an 03.
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If you have not already checked, this is the best deal I found on e-bay.
Atomic 9.12 with bindings

This seems to be a very good deal, as I am tempted to buy them myself. Only 16 HOURS left when I checked.
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160cm is to long for Sl. I am 5.5 120lb and the sl courses are very tight. Can I have the rep's phone numbers for new england.
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