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I'm talking low and slow on a smoker. Any Q cooks here?

I'm buying a new offset smoker to upgrade from my little bullet water smoker. I've got the ribs down to a perfect science and now a freezer full of a side of beef to play with this Summer.

Any good recipes for roasts, briskets, pork booties or the one I really want to figure out, Texas Beef know, "Dinosaur bones"?

Here's my rib recipe if anyone wants it.

Brown Sugar
Garlic Powder
Cajun Spice

Don't ask for measurements, I don't use 'em

Rub the ribs and seal in a bag overnight in the fridge.

Bring the ribs out to warm to room temp in the morning and get the coals going on the smoker.

Smoke the ribs with small amounts of Apple and Pecan wood for ~ 4hours at 225. At the 3-4 hour range, start spritzing them with a mix of white grape juice, brown sugar and cajun . For the last hour in the smoker I start saucing them to let the sauce carmelize. Usually a home made sauce or if store bought, I prefer Sweet Baby Rays or Rocky Mountain Apricot BBQ. Both usually spiced up with some cayenne to balance out the sweet of the brown sugar. Total cooking time is usually 6-7 hours at 225 for moist, tender ribs that come right off the bone, but still have texture and a crunchy, carmelized exterior.

I have a good supply of pecan and apple wood for this season. I'm cutting a bunch of lilac later this Summer to cure up for next year and play around with. I have oak and cherry I use with beef.