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mammoth during christmas week.

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what are averages for mammoth this time of the year. would most of the
mountain be open in an average year?

also - how late can i wait to make a reservation for one of the condos close to the base.

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I believe that Tony Crocker responded to a similar question last year.

In a nutshell, though, Mammoth is probably the best bet, snow-wise, for Xmas in California. But anywhere is going to be (a) crowded, and (b) not the best skiing of the season by a long shot.

As far as when to make a reservation, well, all bets are off. My in-laws have a 4br/3.5ba deeee-luxe condo at the Snowcreek; if that sounds like something that might interest you, PM me the dates you're thinking about and I'll ask them how much it would run.
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Reserve NOW, prices will sky rocket!
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Based on the past 39 seasons:
On Dec. 15 Mammoth is
90+% open 40% of seasons
60-80% open 20.5% of seasons
30-50% open 18% of seasons
<30% open 20.5% of seasons
On Jan. 1 Mammoth is
90+% open 66% of seasons
60-80% open 8% of seasons
30-50% open 13% of seasons
<30% open 13% of seasons
A relatively small proportion of Mammoth's lodging is true walking distance to the lifts. Thus you will pay through the nose for it at Christmas. Not worth it IMHO. Stay somewhere more reasonable and use the shuttle or your car to get to the hill.

Odds of terrain open at Christmas are probably similar at Kirkwood, Sugar Bowl and Alpine Meadows. Not nearly as good at Squaw (very deep coverage required) or Heavenly (less snowfall).
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What Tony said, except I believe that due to location and higher elevation, Mammoth gets slightly more snow than Tahoe in an average year, and has a good amount of snowmaking in a poor year (like this past one).

If you need a condo for 5 or fewer people send me a PM. I am away from the mountain but very near the Village Gondola which takes you up to Canyon Lodge (aka Warming Hut 2").
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The Sierra Crest west of Tahoe averages 450+ in places vs. 367 at Mammoth. See http://bestsnow.net/calnet.htm . But there are year-to-year variations. In 2004-05 Mammoth was advantaged by a frequent southern storm track. In 2005-06 the Sierra got a ton of snow, but it was warm and some of it was rain at Tahoe. This past season the prevailing storm track was north and Tahoe got more. 352 at Squaw 8,000, 330 at Kirkwood, 272 at Alpine Meadows, 268 at Donner Summit vs. 227 at Mammoth.

Mammoth's late season snow preservation advantage over Tahoe is so persistent and overwhelming that even this year Mammoth stayed open longer. But the original question related to early season (Christmas) and the answer there is not always the same.
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